WE7000 Control Software


This kit upgrades your WE7000 Control Software to the latest version.

Cautions before Downloading

  • This software can only be installed on PCs that already have a previous version of the software installed on them.
  • The file you will download has been compressed in self-extracting format. Please confirm that you have sufficient available space on your hard drive before downloading.
  • Depending on the program, some file sizes are large and can take a long time to download.
  • When the download is complete, choose Start > Run, or double-click the icon for the.exe file to start the installation.
  • The program overwrites your current version of the software, so it is not necessary to uninstall that software.
  • After installation, choose Help > About and confirm that the correct version has been installed (for the control software).

System Requirements

Install the WE7000 Control Software which comes standard with the measuring station) onto your PC, then use the software to control the measuring station and carry out a wide variety of measurements.

The table below lists the system requirements for this software. Make sure that the PC's specifications, peripherals and I/O slots are suitable for the WE7000.

Windows 95/98/Me, NT 4.0, 2000 or XP (DOS/V)

I/O slot
One slot for a half size PCI card is required when using the optical interface card WE7035 or WE7036.

Pentium II 400 MHz or faster

128 MB or more

Available hard drive space
20 MB or more

I/O address (when using the optical interface card)
I/O port address, occupying an area of 3 words

IRQ settings(when using the optical interface card)
Using one IRQ number

CD-ROM drive for installation


The system requirements listed above are for a measuring station installed with two modules. Please be aware that the requirements for CPU and memory differ depending on the number and type of modules, and the sampling frequency.

System Requirements for other software:
The system requirements for other software are about the same as listed above. However, A PC with even higher performance is recommended when saving a large quantity of data in real time or when carrying out complex computations. To ensure stable operations, please use the Windows NT 4.0 or Windows 2000.

Please read the Cautions carefully before upgrading your WE7000 Control Software from version 4.






Please read Software Agreement carefully before downloading.


Release Date Jun 2, 2009
File Name wecnt5240US.zip 14.1 MB


Type Software* Registration is required to download.


* Software Agreement
  • The property rights, proprietary rights, intellectual property rights, and all other rights associated with the software are held by Yokogawa Electric Corporation.
  • Under no circumstances is any dumping, reverse compiling, reverse assembly, reverse engineering, or any other kind of alteration or revision of this software allowed.
  • This software is offered free of charge, but no unlimited warranties are made against any defects whatsoever.
  • Also, Yokogawa may not be able to accept inquiries regarding repair of defects in or questions about this software.
  • The contents of this software are subject to change without prior notice as a result of continuing improvements to the software\'s performance and functions.
  • Yokogawa bears no liability for any problems that may occur during download or installation of this software.
  • Use of the Yokogawa Web site is at the user\'s own risk.
  • Any parties contributing to the creation or distribution of the contents on the Yokogawa Web site shall bear no responsibility whatsoever for any damages occurring as a result of the use of said contents.

Downloading of the software indicates acceptance of the software agreement.

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