Release of Updated Version of Harmonic/Flicker Measurement Software 761922

Yokogawa released the updated version of the Harmonic/Flicker
Measurement Software 761922 to respond to the new standard
IEC61000-3-2:Ed3.0 (2005).
Details of the update (IEC61000-3-2 Edition 3.0 and alternations in Amendment 1)
The details are as follows: (* updates only)
How to apply the limit value
• Pre-update* for standard IEC61000-3-2:Ed2.2 (2004): Below 150% of the upper limit value
• Post update* for standard IEC61000-3-2:Ed:3.0 (2005):Below 150% of the upper limit value or below 200% of the upper limit value. (when covering all of the following conditions)
o EUT of class A
o Smaller value of either below 10% or below 10 minutes of the total observation period that exceeds 150%
o The average is below 90% of the limit value
• Amendment 1 (2008) of IEC61000-3-2:Ed3.0 (2005)
The definition of "Request for Repeat" means the average repeat is below ± 5% of limit value.

Note: Download the upgraded version from middle of December.

Precision Making