Yokogawa Test & Measurement Releases Optical Sensor Head for the AQ2200

Yokogawa Test & Measurement Releases Optical Sensor Head for the AQ2200

–Ideal tool for manufacturing test and inspection of devices used to optical communication systems–


Yokogawa Test & Measurement Corporation announces the release of the AQ2200-232 optical sensor head for the AQ2200 series multi-application test system. With its capability to measure optical power with high stability and accuracy, the AQ2200-232 optical sensor head is ideal for use with systems employed on production lines to test and inspect optical transceivers, optical fiber, and other components of optical communication networks.


Development Background

Driven by developments such as the widening use of smartphones and the Internet, the proliferation of services such as terrestrial digital broadcasting, and the increase in the number of data centers used by cloud-based services, there is a growing demand for the optical transceivers that are built into the optical transmission devices used by optical communications networks. There is also a need for optical sensors that can improve the efficiency of testing and inspection work on optical transceiver production lines. Such devices can be provided to production personnel to speed up the measurement of the I-L characteristic (the ratio of laser forward current to optical output power) needed to measure spatial light.


To satisfy these customer needs, Yokogawa has developed the AQ2200-232, an optical sensor head that can perform optical power measurements with high stability and accuracy.


Product Features

1. Industry-leading accuracy

The AQ2200-232 is less susceptible to changes in environmental conditions thanks to the simple design of its optical system and the use of isothermally controlled photosensitive elements. Power measurement uncertainty is just ±1.8%, which is among the lowest in the industry*1. The AQ2200-232 can thus be used as a standard for the calibration of laser power.

*1 Based on a January 2018 Yokogawa survey


2. Large-diameter sensor for spatial light measurement

The AQ2200-232 is equipped with a 5 mm diameter photosensitive element that enables it to be used by production line personnel to perform the spatial light measurements needed to test and inspect optical transceivers.


3. Wide dynamic range (30 dB) for high-speed measurement

For the high speed measurement of the I-L characteristic of an optical device such as a transceiver or the chips used in such devices, a wide dynamic range of 30 dB or higher is essential. Even when gain is fixed, the AQ2200-232 can measure a dynamic range of 30 dB, enabling the high-speed measurement of the I-L characteristic.


With the ability to measure power levels of up to +15 dBm (decibel per mW), the AQ2200-232 is well suited for use with today’s high power optical devices.


Major Markets

- Producers of optical communication products such as optical transmission systems and optical transceivers

- Companies and other organizations that calibrate optical measuring instruments



- Manufacturing testing and inspection of optical communication products such as optical transmission systems and optical transceivers

- Optical power calibration of optical instruments


On Yokogawa Test & Measurement’s behalf, the U.S. affiliate of Yokogawa Electric Corporation will exhibit this product at Photonics West 2018, the top trade show for the optical technology industry, which will be held January 30 to February 1 at the Moscone Center in San Francisco.


About the AQ2200 multi-application test system

To evaluate optical characteristics when developing and manufacturing optical transmission systems, several components are needed: light sources, optical switches for changing the path of optical signals, variable optical attenuators, and optical power meters. The AQ2200 multi-application test system accommodates a variety of plug-in modules that perform all of these functions. Users can combine these modules to configure a measurement system that meets their particular evaluation requirements.

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