New current sensor element and firmware upgrade for award-winning Yokogawa WT5000 Precision Power Analyzer

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April, 8th, 2021




New current sensor element and firmware upgrade for award-winning Yokogawa WT5000 Precision Power Analyzer

  • The WT5000 Precision Power Analyzer has been further enhanced with a new current sensor element with an internal power supply for sensors, and new firmware supporting faster update rates –

Yokogawa has launched a new Current Sensor Element and upgraded the firmware for its WT5000 Precision Power Analyzer. The enhancements are designed to help companies improve performance when developing or evaluating electronic devices such as Electric Vehicle (EV) related equipment or systems for solar and wind power installations.

The new Current Sensor Element runs off the internal DC power supply of the WT5000, making external power supplies unnecessary. This makes set up for measurements easier as the only things required are the current sensor and a connecting cable.

Three sensor connection cable lengths are available - 3 m, 5 m and 10 m. This helps take account of varying test bench layouts, where the power analyzer may not be located right next to the device under test. The three different cable lengths allow users to select the one most suitable for their set up while keeping the leads as short as possible.


The new Current Sensor Element also improves noise immunity with a low noise power supply and measurement circuit. Previously, reducing the signal to noise ratio required external shunt resistors. In the new modules, shunt resistors are built-in and are included in the shielding in the instrument, increasing noise immunity. Also, current signals can be measured with a higher degree of precision, even if they are small when using the Current Sensor Element & dedicated cable. A step-by-step navigation menu simplifies the configuration and use of the current sensors.

Firmware is also upgraded, with the Data Streaming function now supporting a 50 ms to one second update rate. On the previous version, when using the Data Streaming function, the WT5000 only offered an update rate - measurement interval – of one second. This meant that all electrical parameters, such as power and Urms and Irms, were calculated over a period of one second. With the new upgrade, the WT5000 calculates all parameters over measurement periods of up to 50 ms, giving a better insight into the dynamic behavior of the device under test.

          The upgraded firmware now also offers a 10 ms update rate.

Other upgrades include improvements to the menu such as Current Phase Correction and Amplitude Correction, which makes setting up external sensors easier by compensating for the phase and gain error.

The Yokogawa WT5000 is a Precision Power Analyzer with the highest measurement accuracy of ±0.03% combined with stability, noise immunity and plug-in modular flexibility to meet the measurement needs of those developing energy-efficient systems.

“The WT5000, which is the flagship model of our power analyzer WT series, is now more convenient and capable for companies measuring power consumption and efficiency as part of their development cycle,” explains Terry Marrinan, VP Global Marketing. “With the upgraded firmware, engineers can capture waveforms in more detail, allowing them to optimize their designs.”

 “In line with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals [SDGs], there is an ever-greater need to protect the environment and develop clean energy solutions,” states Kelvin Hagebeuk, Marketing Manager at Yokogawa T&M Europe. “The enhanced functionality of our WT5000 Precision Power Analyzer ensures that our customers can maximize the performance of electronic devices used in EVs and renewable energy systems.”

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About Yokogawa Test & Measurement

Yokogawa has been developing measurement solutions for 100 years, consistently finding new ways to give R&D teams the tools they need to gain the best insights from their measurement strategies. The company has pioneered accurate power measurement throughout its history, and is the market leader in digital power analyzers.

Yokogawa instruments are renowned for maintaining high levels of precision and for continuing to deliver value for far longer than the typical shelf-life of such equipment. Yokogawa believes that precise and effective measurement lies at the heart of successful innovation - and has focused its own R&D on providing the tools that researchers and engineers need to address challenges great and small.

Yokogawa takes pride in its reputation for quality, both in the products it delivers - often adding new features in response to specific client requests - and the level of service and advice provided to clients, helping to devise measurement strategies for even the most challenging environments.

The guaranteed accuracy and precision of Yokogawa's instruments results from the fact that Yokogawa has its own European standards laboratory at its European headquarters in The Netherlands. This facility is the only industrial (i.e. non-government or national) organisation in the world to offer accredited power calibration, at frequencies up to 100 kHz. ISO 17025 accreditation demonstrates the international competence of the laboratory.


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About Yokogawa

Founded in 1915, Yokogawa engages in broad-ranging activities in the areas of measurement, control, and information. The industrial automation business provides vital products, services, and solutions to a diverse range of process industries including oil, chemicals, natural gas, power, iron and steel, and pulp and paper. With the life innovation business, the company aims to radically improve productivity across the pharmaceutical and food industry value chains. The test & measurement, aviation, and other businesses continue to provide essential instruments and equipment with industry-leading precision and reliability. Yokogawa co-innovates with its customers through a global network of 114 companies spanning 62 countries, generating US$3.7 billion in sales in FY2019.

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