Release of AQ1200B & AQ1200C MFT-OTDR

New line of small, portable field testers for the FTTH Access, Enterprise and Metro Markets.
The AQ1200B & AQ1200C will address the maintenance needs where a special wavelength, which differs from the signal wavelengths being used for the communication service, is required not to disturb the communications.

  • AQ1200B/C OTDR for Maintenance of FTTH
  • In the FTTH access section, OTDR ouputs the measurement signal at 1625/1650 nm, which is a different wavelength from one for service, from the subscriber side towards a central office (CO).
  • OTDR measurement at 1625nm/1650nm: Without disturbing the service
  • Optical power control: Avoid affecting OLT.
  • Fault Locator: Search for a fault point quickly.
  • PON power meter: Measure optical powers at 1550 and 1490nm simultaneously.

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