Two versions of Power Meters to suit test application

+10 dBm max. power for Standard version (AQ2170)
+26 dBm max. power for High power version (AQ2170H)

Compact and lightweight

Fits in the palm of your hand or pocket...
even with the standard protector installed.

AQ2170 fits in the palm

Power source

Standard dry cell batteries are easily obtained (type : AAA)
Rechargeable batteries may also be used to reduce the operational cost. Auto power-saving feature also extends battery life.

Basic items included as standard accessories.

- SC, FC or other connector adapter
(Removable for convenient access for cleaning)
AQ2170: FC,SC, LC, Ferrule2.5φ, Ferrule1.25φ
- Rubber protector to prevent damage when dropped
- Carrying pouch to house unit and connector adapters

Model Description
AQ2170 +10 dBm max. power for Standard version
AQ2170H +26 dBm max. power for High power version
Name Description File Type  
LF OPM&LD-02EN Handy size Optical Power Meter/ Light Source External Link Download

All Products Guide
All Products Guide
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