2553A Precision DC Calibrator

The 2553A is designed calibration of traditional voltage and current measuring devices such as ammeters, voltmeters, digital multimeters, and DC wattmeters. In addition, the 2553A is capable of calibrating temperature meters and controllers which measure temperature through thermocouples or Resistance Temperature Detector's (RTD). The unit supports all commonly used thermocouple types regulated by the IEC. Intuitive dials allow the user to quickly and easily adjust the output values. The device also supports both USB communication and storage, allowing it to be used as a system in a larger testbed or as a programmable output device. 

Unmatched precision meets powerful functionality

DC sources are an imperative tool in any test or research lab due to the need to calibrate the plethora of devices that measure such signals. Yokogawa's expertise in delivering high quality instrumentation is evidenced by the introduction of the 2553A, which combines high precsion outputs, simple controls, and powerful features to meet all your calibration needs.

Powerful Features

  • Use as a USB communication or storage device. Store setup and text files directly to the unit, or integrate into a larger test system
  • Rich features for calibrating anything from analog standards to precision dataloggers, and everything in between


Simple Controls

  • Voltage, current, and thermoelectric force can be easily adjusted with the simple move of a dial or flick of a switch
  • High definition seven segment LED display for easy visualization


  • Featuring highly accurate and stable outputs with low noise and drift, this unit is a trusted source in any calibration or verification application
  • Can sink as well as source with a high degree of accuracy

The 2553A Precision DC Calibrator, like our other Calibrators and Sources, offers users the simple operation and reliability they have come to trust from Yokogawa. 

  • Digital Display of Output
  • High Basic Accuracy
  • High Stability and Low Noise
  • High Resolution

With output ranges of ±10 mV to ±30 V and ±1 mA to ±100 mA plus 10 different types of Thermocouples and Pt100 RTD, the 2553A can effectively solve the calibration requirements for DC Analog Meters and various temperature measuring instruments and controllers.

High Accuracy

DC Voltage: +/- 75 ppm
DC Current: +/- 120 ppm

High Stability

Stability: +/- 15 ppm/h

Low Noise

Noise: 2 micro Volts rms

High Resolution

5.5 digits +/- 120000 count output resolution

Calibrating and testing analog meters

The 2553A can calibrate and test analog meters up to +/-32 V voltage and +/-120 mA current. The strong click from the dial enables easy adjustment of output value without actually looking at the front panel.


Calibrating and testing temperature controllers

The 2553A can calibrate and test temperature controllers and data loggers using thermocouple and RTD. It provides 10 types of thermocouples regulated in IEC. By setting temperature value, it generates thermocouple electromotive power and calibrates temperature controllers. It covers various temperature controllers, since it generates higher accuracy voltage than previous models. The 2553A supports widely used Pt100. By setting temperature value, it generates temperature related resistance value. Settings can be done by not only temperature but also resistance value, making it possible to calibrate using resistance value.


RJC at output terminals

Since the 2553A has an "Internal RJC mode", which the reference point is output terminals of 2553A, it is possible to connect the objective measurement instruments by thermocouple without an external reference junction. In "External RJC mode", your choice of Pt100 can be used with versatile terminal for external sensor. It also has "Manual RJC mode", which enables you to set by entering reference value. 


User defined temperature calibration

The 2553A provides user defined thermocouple and RTD. By copying text file including relation parameters between temperature and voltage or between temperature and resistance. It is able to generate various types of thermocouple and RTD. Text files can be easily created by text editor or Excel on PC. Files can be easily transferred by drag & drop operations when PC and 2553A is connected via a USB cable, letting the PC recognize the 2553A's internal memory as a mass storage drive.


Calibrating and testing sensor transformers

The 2553A calibrates the transformers and transmitters for pressure, volume flow, and temperature. It also calibrates transformers for analytical instruments such as pH, ORP, EC, and DO meters. High voltage output accuracy of 2553A will enable support for transformers which require higher accuracy. 2553A will come in use even in developing and testing transformers.


Simulating the two wire transmitters

In 30 mA range, the 2553A can sink the current. For example, by sinking the current from the distributors, it can simulate the two wire transmitters which output 4 to 20 mA signals.

LCA Reduced energy, emission of CO2, NOx and SOx about 66% compared to the previous model.

PDFResults of Life Cycle Assessment

758917 DMM Measurement Lead Set

  • Set of 0.8m long red and black multimeter test leads
  • Used in combination with a pair of optional 758922 or 758929 alligator-clip adapters
  • 1000 Vrms, 32 Arms CAT II

366961 Banana to Alligator 1.2m Cable, 1:1

A subassembly of 1.2 m long test leads with alligator-clip adapters.
Use only for circuits having voltage levels no greater than 42 V.
Applicable for SL1000 & SL1400.

758933 Measurement lead

2 pieces (red and black) in 1 set
length: 1.00 m
Used in combination with the 701959, 758921, 758922, or 758929
Rating: 1000 V CAT III/19 A

758921 Fork terminal adapter

  • 758921 Fork Terminal Adapters
  • For fitting a 4mm banana plug to a fork terminal
  • One black and one red clip
  • 1000 Vrms-CAT II

758922 Small Alligator-Clip Adapter 300V

Rated at 300 V. Attaches to the 758917 test leads. Sold in pairs.

257875 RJ Sensor

For reference junction compensation sensor. Pt100, 1.95 m

758923 Spring Hold Safety Terminal Adapter Set

Two adapters in a set (spring-hold type).

758929 Large Alligator Clip Adapter 1000V

  • Yokogawa 758929 Alligator Clip Adapter 
  • Rated at 1000V
  • Attaches to 758917 test leads
  • Sold in pairs black/red

758931 Screw-Fastened Safety Voltage Terminal Adapter Set

Screw-fastened adapters. Two adapters in a set. 1.5 mm Allen Wrench.

751533-E3 Rack mounting kit

RACK MOUNTING KIT For an EIA-compliant Single-housing Rack

751533-J3 Rack mounting kit

RACK MOUNTING KIT For a JIS-compliant Single-housing Rack

751534-E3 Rack mounting kit

RACK MOUNTING KIT For an EIA-compliant Dual-housing Rack

751534-J3 Rack mounting kit

RACK MOUNTING KIT For a JIS-compliant Dual-housing Rack

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