Introducing the FG400 Arbitrary/Function Generator

Yokogawa Corporation announces the introduction of two new Arbitrary/Function Generators, the FG400 Series. The product line consists of the Model FG410 single channel unit and the FG420 two channel version.  The development of these new generators is part of Yokogawa’s strategy to maintain a leading position in the Test and Measurement instrument market.

The FG400 easily generates basic, application specific and arbitrary waveforms.  The sine wave frequency range is 0.01 µHz to 30 MHz.  Output waveforms consist of Sine, Square, Pulse, Ramp, Parameter-variable, Noise (Gaussian distribution), DC and Arbitrary.  

The output voltage is 20Vpp open circuit or 10Vpp 50Ω.  A unique benefit to the user is the isolated outputs. This allows the unit to be used in the development of floating circuits, like motor drives, inverters, power supplies and other power electronic devices.

The FG400 function generators have the arbitrary waveform function as standard.  They can generate waveforms that are acquired by Yokogawa’s DL850E ScopeCorder or DLM4000 Digital Oscilloscope and the XviewerLITE software (freeware).

When more than two channels are needed, multiple FG410 and FG420 generators can be synchronized together to generate up to 12 phases by using six FG420 generators.  The phase of each channel is synchronized to the master unit and can be individually adjusted.

Applications for the FG400 Series Arbitrary/Function Generators include generating application-specific waveforms like those needed to evaluate the response characteristics of mechanical/electrical circuits and to emulate power supply circuits.  Other applications include battery, lighting, consumer products and semiconductor testing.  Typical application sectors include motor drives, inverters, power electronics products, automotive, railroad and robotics.

With the addition of the FG400 Series Arbitrary/Function Generators, Yokogawa can now provide instruments for waveform generation that can be used with their highly recognized power measuring instruments and waveform measuring instruments.  A total solution can be provided with precision instruments for both source and measurement.

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