Simultaneous recording of voltage, vibration and GPS information

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In drive tests of vehicles and transportation equipment, more detailed data analysis can be performed if voltage/current of batteries and motors, temperature and vibration, in-vehicle serial bus data such as CAN/CAN FD, and others  can be recorded together with speed and position information from GPS.

However, when recording the data of a vehicle in motion and the data from GPS simultaneously with a data logger, it is difficult to synchronize these data and an expensive dedicated measurement system is needed.

Measurement using a data logger often involves multiple channels and it is necessary to set the optimum range one by one according to the level of each input signal in advance, requiring a great deal of time for the work before measurement.

This application note describes the simultaneous recording of various signals and GPS information using the Portable ScopeCorder DL350.

Key Points

The DL350 portable ScopeCorder can be equipped with 2 plug-in modules selected from 18 types and  can perform combined measurement, ranging from voltage/current, acceleration (vibration), temperature, strain, frequency, logic to CAN/CAN FD/LIN/SENT in-vehicle serial bus data trend measurements.

A4 size/3.9 kg compact and lightweight body
Vibration Resistant (JIS D 1601 Compliant)
High noise-resistance
Two modes of operation

Scope Mode: to operate as an oscilloscope

Recorder Mode: to operate as a data recorder

Up to 100 MS/s sampling, 1000 V isolation voltage measurement
Navigation function (Easy Setup)
Auto Setup feature
CAN/CAN FD/LIN/SENT bus trend display
GPS position, velocity and time synchronization
Harmonic Analysis function
GO/NO-GO determination & action: e.g. send email, save waveform data when triggered
3-Way Power supply: AC/DC/Battery operated

ScopeCorder DL350


High-speed and long-term recording

You can choose from 1 MS/s, 10 MS/s, and 100 MS/s sampling rate modules to suit your needs.

The internal memory of 100 M points/slot or an SD card of up to 20 G points/slot allows long term recording.

Examples of Recording time to SD memory card