PX8000 Product Overview

The PX8000 brings together Yokogawa's world-leading expertise in power measurement with our long heritage in oscilloscope design to deliver a true test and measurement revolution: the world's first precision power scope. With the launch of the PX8000, R&D professionals need no longer compromise on their need for high-accuracy time-based power measurement, a need that conventional power analyzers and oscilloscopes were never designed to meet. The PX8000 delivers: Insight -- Precision power measurement gives true insights into energy consumption and performance. Confidence -- Proven, high-quality production means the PX8000 can be relied upon to deliver over extended periods of time. Familiarity -- Users experience a short learning curve thanks to features familiar to anyone who's used to power measurements or oscilloscopes.


Produtos e Soluções Relacionadas

PX8000 - Precision Power Scope

  • Transient/Start-up Waveform Capture & Power Analysis
  • Harmonics, Cycle by cycle and FFT analysis

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