760122 WTViewer Application Software

WTViewer acquires numeric, waveform, and harmonic data from the WT3000E /WT3000 /WT1800E /WT1800 /WT500 /WT1600 /WT210 /WT230* Digital Power Analyzer via Ethernet, GP-IB or serial communications (RS-232) and USB. Data can be transferred into your personal computer via those communication interfaces. It lets you view waveforms on your computer, convert numeric or waveform data to a specified format, and store the data.
*Digital Power Analyzers WT1600 /WT210 /WT230 are discontinued products.

View, convert, and store data to your specifications with WT Series.

  • Computation with data from multiple units (WT3000E /WT3000 /WT1800E /WT1800 /WT500 /WT1600 /WT210 /WT230)
  • Ethernet Functions
  • Displaying Data on the PC
  • Setting Up the WT3000E /WT3000 /WT1800E /WT1800 /WT500 /WT1600 /WT210 /WT230 from a PC
  • Convering Data to CSV Format
  • Communication functions supported by WTViewer
  • Includes file reader software functionality

Ethernet Functions

*Requires the WT3000E /WT3000 /WT1800E /WT1800 /WT500 /WT1600's optional Ethernet function to utilize this function

FTP Server/FTP Client

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WTViewer can simultaneously control up to four WT500s, four WT1800E /WT1800s, four WT1600s or four WT3000E /WT3000s for multi-channel measurement.
*Those four models should be same as MS code products, same type/number input elements and same options.


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The FTP client function makes it possible to transfer data saved in the WT3000E /WT3000 /WT1800E /WT1800 /WT500 /WT1600 internal memory to your PC.

PC Connections

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PC Direct Connection
[GP-IB/serial (RS-232)/Ethernet, and USB]
* Ethernet connection requires two straight cables and a HUB.

WT3000E / WT3000
GP-IB 1 to 4 units Not available
1 unit Not available
Ethernet 1 to 4 units Available*
USB 1 to 4 units Not available

* PC card or USB memory ( and /C5 option) is required.

WT1800E / WT1800
FTP Server/Client
GP-IB 1 to 4 units Not available
USB 1 to 4 units Not available
Ethernet 1 to 4 units Available*

*USB memory is required

FTP Server
GP-IB 1 to 4 units Not Available
Ethernet 1 to 4 units Available*
USB 1 to 4 units Not available

* /C7 option is required.

GP-IB 1 to 4 units Not available
1 unit Not available
Ethernet 1 to 4 units Available

*/C1 or /C2 and /C7 options are required.

WT210*/ WT230
GP-IB 1 to 4 units
1 unit

*/C1 or /C2 option is required for WT210.



Example of Ethernet Network Connection

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Screen Details

Numeric Data

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You can display the data measured with the WT3000E /WT3000 /WT1800E /WT1800 /WT500 /WT1600 /WT210 /WT230 on your PC via Ethernet/GP-IB/RS-232 communication and USB.
WTViewer can also simultaneously show various parameters for one to six elements and
for Sigma-A to Sigma-C(related writing setting) calculations, for simple channel-by-channel data comparison.

Viewing Trends

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You can capture various types of data measured with the WT3000E /WT3000 /WT1800E /WT1800 /WT500 /WT1600 /WT210 /WT230 in your PC at fixed intervals.
Thus, you can view trends graphically.
This feature lets you monitor power supply voltage fluctuations, changes in current consumption and other time-based variations.

Measuring Harmonics

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In harmonic measurement, you can see harmonic data with bar chart. It shows three items at same time.

Vectorial Views

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In harmonic measurement, you can have a vectorial view of the fundamental voltage, current and phase angle. This visual presentation of the interphase relationship in a three-phase power system shows the load condition intuitively.

Setting Up the WT Power Analyzer from a PC

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With WTViewer, you can control the WT3000E /WT3000 /WT1800E /WT1800 /WT500 /WT1600 /WT210 /WT230 main unit from your PC, including setting the wiring method, range, filter, and scaling, and so on.
WTViewer also lets you save or read the settings of the Power Analyzer onto your PC.

Converting Data to CSV Format

Tm 760122 11

With WTViewer, you can save waveform and numeric data to your PC, while on the PC you can create *.wtd files that can be loaded in WTViewer, or *.csv files that can be imported into Excel spreadsheets. WTViewer also lets you save screen images of measured numeric and waveform data.

WT3000E / WT3000 / WT1800E / WT1800: Computation with Data from Multiple Units

Enables acquisition of data from multiple units

WTViewer can acquire data from up to four units simultaneously. Plus, it now includes accurate computation functions that can perform addition, subtraction, and efficiency computation of data from multiple powermeters. For example, three-phase power from the first unit (A) and three-phase power from the second unit (B) can be measured on WTViewer and subsequently used in up to 15 different user-defined expressions such as A+B, or B/A*100 (efficiency).

Tm 760122 12

Note: Requires that the WTs be of the same model and option code. Not supported if the WT3000E /WT3000 and WT1800E /WT1800 are combined.

Tm 760122 13

Viewer Software for Data Acquired Offline

Until now, measured data acquired offline and saved to the WT's memory media could be loaded and displayed on a PC, but required running a file reader program that was separate from WTViewer. With the new version upgrade, the file reader program has now been conveniently integrated with WTViewer.

* Even after the 30-day trial period of the demo version, users can continue to use the "Off-Line + File Loading with WTFileReader" function.

Tm 760122 14


Applicable Power Meter:

WT1800 firmware version 2.01 or later for Ethernet/USB
WT3000 firmware version 2.01 or later for GP-IB/serial (RS-232)/Ethernet/USB
WT210* firmware version 1.06 or later for GP-IB/serial(RS-232)
WT230* firmware version 1.06 or later for GP-IB/serial(RS-232)
WT1600 firmware version 2.01 or later for GP-IB/serial(RS-232)/Ethernet


Measuring Mode Power measurement, integration, and harmonic measurement
Types of Files Waveform files (1002 points, peak to peak compression data),
computation files, harmonic files, and setup files
Screen Viewer Numeric view, waveform view, trend view, vectorial view,
and bar-graph view

Data Acquisition Interval
50 ms at max. speed (WT3000E/WT3000/WT1800E/WT1800),
100 ms at max.speed (WT500)
In Fast mode, using GP-IB
Depends on your PC's performance.
1ms with an External Synch signal, 5ms without any External Synch signal (WT1800, /HS option)
* When the data update rate is set to one second or
slower, captured and saved data can be synchronized.

System Requirements

Personal Computer CPU Pentium 4 1.5 GHz or higher (recommended)
Memory 1 GB or more (recommended)
Hard Disk 500 MB or more of free space
OS Microsoft Windows XP, Windows Vista, or Windows 7. 
(All English versions)

Communications Port
GP-IB: NI (National Instruments) AT-GPIB, PCI-GPIB, PCI-GPIB+, PCMCIA-GPIB, PCMCIA-GPIB+, or PCIe-GPIB with driver NI-488.2 version 1.60 or later (however, version 2.3 is not supported).
GPIB-USB-HS, Driver: NI-488.2 Ver.2.8.1
RS-232: An available COM port on the PC
Ethernet: 10BASE-T or 100BASE-TX compatible Ethernet port
USB: A USB Rev. 1.1 or later USB port
Display, Printer and Mouse Screen Resolution: 1024 x 768 pixels or higher
Applicable Operating Systems: Must be compaible with the operating systems listed above.

Designing an instrumentation system for high current measurement requires careful consideration of the trade-offs associated with each type of sensing device. The purpose of this application note is to help engineers understand the sensing choices available and the corresponding trade-offs with each technology.

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