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As photonics continues to emerge with new and unique applications such as medical, security and materials analysis, the demand for quality and innovation is greater today than ever for precise, reliable measuring tools and sensitive equipment to support these emerging technologies. Yokogawa offers a variety of instruments and solutions with world class performance such as the AQ 6375B, AQ 6370D, and AQ 2200 to support such unique events as environmental sensing. Our optical Spectrum Analyzer has long wavelength measurement capabilities, high accuracy and resolution, built-in calibration, and is suitable for remote operations. Whether your application has you searching for viruses in cells or verifying the structural integrity of cells, Yokogawa's measuring units have the strength and power your new technologies demand. Yokogawa continues to innovate and develop new equipment to meet rigorous testing requirements for this exciting innovation.

Application Note

Simplified EDFA testing


The request for lower uncertainties in power measurements are increasing,especially in the transformer industries. Their role is to ensure that the electricity is distributed in an efficient and reliable way. 


In this poster session research from The European Conference on Lasers and Electro-Optics 2017, researchers from Texas A&M University, Texas A&M University at Qatar, and Florida A&M University use a Yokogawa Test&Measurement AQ6376 Optical Spectrum Analyzer to detect methane in the air.

Product Overviews


    Introducing the new Yokogawa Test&Measurement AQ6380 Optical Spectrum Analyzer. This new OSA includes many sought-after features including:

    • An unprecedented 5 pm wavelength resolution
    • ±5 pm wavelength accuracy
    • 1200 nm to 1650 nm wavelength range
    • 65 dB wide close-in dynamic range
    • 80 dB stray light suppression
    • Automated wavelength calibration
    • Gas purging
    • DUT-oriented interface and test apps
    • Backward-compatible remote interface
    • 10.4in intuitive touchscreen
    • Up to 20x faster measurement
    • Remote operation capabilities


    From visible light to telecommunication bands and even up to applications in the 2000nm region, optical testing professionals count on the Yokogawa Test&Measurement optical testing family of products. For decades, these precision-based optical measuring instruments have met and exceeded the needs of many customers’ experimental requirements. Applicable to a range of uses in R&D, manufacturing, and academia, Yokogawa Test&Measurement OSAs, OTDRs, OWMs, modular manufacturing test systems, and more deliver quality, consistency, ease of use, and market leadership for all manner of optical test applications.



    Increasing demands for greater network bandwidth and expansion of 5G wireless backhaul has driven data rates to 400G, 800G, and beyond. Starting with the physical layer of the optical network stack, precision measurement of these light speed signals is crucial.

    This webinar covers a range of alternatives used to evaluate test parameters for DWDM, OSNR, SMSR, and EDFA, and includes a discussion on interesting applications like the use of high-energy lasers across space satellite mesh networks.

    Key topics include:

    • Key test methods and technologies
    • Traditional and new applications
    • Common testing oversights
    • Measuring against industry standards
    • Ensuring network element performance and reliability

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