Calibrators Accessories

Accessories for Calibrators.

  • PM100 External Pressure Sensor
  • Enables pressure calibration in even higher pressure ranges using CA700
  • Up to 70 MP

For carrying the CA450, the test leads, and the lead cables

Connector set for the 91056 (quick adapter, sealing cap, flexible hose, sealing tape, and hex wrench)

Connector set for the 91051 (quick adapter, pressure conversion adapter, flexible hose, sealing tape)

Can connect to –P1 or –P2, input and output port are 1/8” NPT female thread

Can connect to –P1 or –P2, input and output port are Rc1/8” female thread

440 mA/1000 V 10 A cut off 1 piece

R 1/4" male thread to 1/8” NPT female thread conversion connector (for -P1)

For CA71: fuse 1 piece

Case for the 91056/91061 (91056, 91057, 91061, 91062, and instruction manual)

Case for the 91051 (91051, 91052, and instruction manual)

1/4” NPT male thread to 1/8” NPT female thread conversion connector (for –P2)

R 1/4” male thread to 1/4” NPT female thread conversion connector (for -P1)

  • 98073 Test Leads - Electrical Test Meter Leads | Yokogawa
  • 1000 V CAT III 
  • 600 V CAT IV
  • Red/Black, 1 set

A set of separate red and black clips (for 2 m long wires).

Lead cables for source/measurement, terminal adapter, 6 spare batteries, fuse, AC adapter and Instruction Manual can be stored.

One set of 1 red and 1 black cables
Length: Approx. 1.0 m

One set of 1 red and 2 black cables
Length: Approx. 1.7 m

  • 99014 Alligator Clip Leads
  • 1000 V CAT III, 600 V CAT IV Red Black 1 set

The application software can use only the measurement function.
(Logging function only)

USB adapter, USB cable and software

Magnet hook (Maximum weight 1.5 kg)

Carrying case with hanger strap and large size case

250 Ω resister, terminal adapter and leads

Used for temperature measurement.

Suffix codes Descriptions
-D UL/CSA Standard
-F VDE Standard
-H Chinese Standard
-N Brazilian Standard
-P Korean Standard
-Q BS/Singaporean Standard
-R Australian Standard
-T Taiwanese Standard
-A Argentine Standard

Used in temperature measurement (for CA71).

The carrying case can hold the source signal and measurement lead cables, terminal adapter, four spare batteries, fuses, AC adapter, and user’s manual.

Alligator clip, CAT I, for controlsignal only (under 70 V)One set of 1 red and 1 black cablesLength: Approx. 1.7m

With strap and accessory storage case.

NiMH battery Dedicated.

For reference junction compensation.

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