600 Amp Peak Programmable Current Transformer System ITZ

The Current Transformer System consists of a 19 inch Rack Mount Power Supply/Signal unit, one CT Head, 5-Meter Signal Cable and 10-Meter Connecting Cable. *1

Yokogawa Model M1114DL
Number of Channels Single Channel
Current Range (peak or dc) ±600A
Current Transfer Ratio 600/1
Output Current 1A
Frequency Response (from DC) (small signal, +/-3dB, unless otherwise stated) DC to 500kHz
Basic Accuracy 0.02% of FS
Programmability 40A min
20A steps

*1 - These Current Transformers are manufactured by LEM Instruments and sold by Yokogawa Corporation of America. All data is in accordance with manufacturers specifications and is subject to change and correction.

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