Yokogawa looks for ways to support your R & D and test application needs. We take pride in our Quality products. Sometimes, we even get noticed. (Oguchi Memorial Prize).

  • The MT300 delivers high speed, high resolution, and synchronous measurements for high measurement accuracy and long term stability.

  • The de facto standard of field calibrators for pressure and differential pressure transmitters.

  • Yokogawa Series of Digital Manometers offers a choice of as many 14 models for gauge, absolute and differential pressures. Best suited for such applications as equipment calibration, pressure measurement in production lines and measurement of fast varying pressures.

  • The MC100 Series of Pneumatic Pressure Standard provides high accuracy and excellent reliability using a proprietary silicon resonant sensor developed by Yokogawa. Our MC100 is highly accurate and supports your goal for cost-efficiencies in manufacturing.


After a disastrous 2009, the large publicly held test companies enjoyed booming business in 2010.

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