DC Precision Measuring

Yokogawa provides many precision current measurement instruments for calibrating and monitoring. Our line of Decade Boxes and standard high precision DC resistor boxes allow customers the accuracy and quality demanded in a precision device.

  • Model 2792A 4-terminal resistors
  • Low- to high-value resistance standards for accurate DC measurements in combination with a potentiometer or bridge 
  • 0.001Ω to 1MΩ

Model 2793 resistance box is high-accuracy, stable DC variable resistor with 6 dials and is available in two styles: 279301 for medium resistance from 0.1 to 1,111.210 Ω in 1 mΩ steps (best suited for calibration of resistance thermometers or bridges); 279303 for high resistance from 0 to 111.1110 MΩ in 100 Ω steps (suitable for calibration of insulation resistance testers or bridges).

  • Model 2793 decade resistance box
  • High-accuracy, stable DC variable resistor with 6 dials
  • 27930: medium resistance
  • 279303: high resistance 

(Models 2781, 2793 & 2794)

Models 278610 and 278620 six-dial decade resistance boxes allow quick and easy setting of a wide range of resistance. These resistance boxes are used in combination with voltage or current standards to adjust voltage or current, as dummy load resistances or as an arm of AC bridges.


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