What is the Sanitation Procedure for the AQ637X Series OSAs?

You can restore all settings for the AQ637X series OSAs to their factor defaults by performing a parameter initialization. This will clear all current parameter setting values and data as well as alignment adjustment values and wavelength calibration values from memory to the factory default settings. Files saved with the file function need to be deleted separately.
To initialize the parameter and data settings, follow the procedures listed below:
  1. Press the SYSTEM key
  2. Press the MORE 1/4 soft key
  3. Press the PARAMETER INITIALIZE soft key
  4. Press the ALL CLEAR soft key
  5. Press the EXECUTE soft key

To delete the files saved with the file function, follow the procedures listed below:

  1. Press the FILE key
  2. Press the FILE OPERATION soft key
  3. Press the MEMORY soft key and specify INT (internal memory) or EXT (USB storage medium)
  4. Press the FILE SELECT soft key
  5. Press the ALL SELECT soft key
  6. Press the ALL CLEAR soft key

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