Power Analysis: Precision AC Power Measurements - June 24, 2010

What You Will Learn:

Power Factor Measurements

  • Develop Power Factor Relationships
  • Displacement Power Factor
  • True Power Factor
  • Power Factor in Single Phase & Three Phase Circuits
  • Practical Power Factor Measurements Using a Digital Power Analyzer

Precision Power Measurements


  • Review Some Basics
  • Power Measurements Using a Precision Power  Analyzer and a Power Analysis Digital Oscilloscope
  • Single-Phase Power Measurements
  • Current Sensors
  • Three-Phase Power Measurements
  • 2 & 3 Wattmeter Methods
  • Practical Applications
  • Energy Star®, Stand-by-Power, and Low Power Measurements
  • Switching Power Supply Analysis with a Power DSO
  • Inverter & PWM Motor Drive Power Measurements
Dates: 10.06.24

Precision Making