DLM5000HD Series High-Definition Oscilloscope

Ideal for Everyday Use by Engineers

The DLM5000HD Series High-Definition Oscilloscope is the latest addition to the Yokogawa Test&Measurement oscilloscope line-up that takes you beyond eight channels.

Adaptability is key in the development of high-performance and intelligent power semiconductor technologies and mechatronics in modern electric vehicles, motor controls, and energy efficient electronic designs. With up to 16 bits high resolution, best-in-class startup speed, the ability to support measurements up to 16 channels, high noise immunity for harsh environments, and more, the four-to-eight channel DLM5000HD Series enables easy touch navigation through a wealth of analysis features.

Adapatable for Unique Testing Requirements

The DLM5000HD High-Definition Oscilloscope from Yokogawa Test&Measurement is the new standard of high-definition oscilloscope

  • Frequency Bandwidth: < 500 MHz
  • Sample Rate: < 2.5 GS/s
  • Vertical Axis Resolution: 12 bit
  • High Resolution Mode: < 16 bit
  • Measurement Memory: < 1 G points
  • History Waveforms: < 200,000
  • Simultaneous Multi-Channel Measurements: < 32 bit logic + 8 channels
    • < 16 channels with two connected DLM5000HDs via DLMsync
  • Highly-Responsive, Intuitive 12.1in Touchscreen
    • with Traditional Oscilloscope Control Panel
  • IEEE1588 Synchronous Support
  • Superior Noise Immunity
  • Vehicle Serial Bus
  • Additional Math Channels
  • Extensive Voltage Ranges
  • Compact, Light, Portable

Key Features

Multi-Channel Measurement Up to 16 Channels
A single DLM5000HD measures up to eight channels simultaneously, while connecting two instruments extends synchronous measurement up to 16 channels to enable evaluations via a single test.

Multi-Channel Measurement Up to 16 Channels | DLM5000HD Mixed Signal Oscilloscope | Yokogawa Test&Measurement

Wide Bandwidth Measurement
Momentary phenomena such as overshoot at the rise of a high-speed inverter cannot be verified with low bandwidth oscilloscopes. The DLM5000HD combines a wide bandwidth of up to 500 MHz with a sample rate up to 2.5 GS/s.

12-Bit High Resolution
This 12-bit mixed signal oscilloscope measures events such as ringing after overshoot with impressive accuracy. Optimal range settings can be made to capture minute changes accurately while checking the whole image of the waveform.

Up to 2.5 GS/s, Up to 1 G Points Memory
The DLM5000HD has a memory capacity up to 500 M points in single mode and 125 M points in repeat mode for waveform capture that allows you to observe waveforms with very few omissions when all channels are used.

Maximum Record Lengths (Points)
Maximum Record Lengths (Points) | DLM5000HD Mixed Signal Oscilloscope | Yokogawa Test&Measurement
*1: At odd-numbered channels   *2: DLM5000HD only

Large Selection of Triggers
The DLM5000HD’s extensive triggers can trigger on feature points to extract waveforms of interest and store them in the history memory. Display a list of history waveforms to see intervals between triggers or line up several waveforms to identify trends around feature points to determine how often or under what conditions a characteristic waveform occurs. 

Stable and Reliable Purpose-Built System

Stable and Reliable Purpose-Built System | DLM5000HD Mixed Signal Oscilloscope | Yokogawa Test&Measurement

12.1in Intuitive, Highly-Responsive Touchscreen
The large 12.1in intuitive and highly-responsive touchscreen is useful for observing analog signals in detail and displaying information for debugging like parameters, zoom, XY display, and FFT analysis results.

Compact, Light Weight, and Portable
Despite boasting a large screen with multichannel inputs, the DLM5000HD has a portable, thin, and lightweight design.

Quick Startup
The DLM5000HD starts up from OFF to waveform display in twelve seconds for a quicker start on projects.

Link with a PC
It is often more effective and efficient to perform analysis using a PC because of its high CPU processing power. This can be accomplished with the DLM5000HD through integration with the IS8000 Integrated Test and Measurement Software Platform for  multiple waveform and power measurement results and powerful analysis capabilities.

DLM5000/DLM5000HD Comparison


DLM5000 Mixed Signal Oscilloscope | Yokogawa Test&Measurement

DLM5000HD High-Definition Oscilloscope | Yokogawa Test&Measurement

Vertical Axis Resolution 8 bit (High-Resolution 12 bit) 12 bit (High-Resolution 16 bit)
Memory Size < 500 M points < 1 G point
History Waveforms < 100,000 < 200,000
IEEE1588 Synchronous Support Requires Additional Master Machine Master Function Available (/CY)




Key Functions

DLMsync (/SY or /SYN)
Connecting two DLM5000HD Series models (with /SY or /SYN option) with a dedicated cable (701982) enables synchronous measurement up to 16 channels. Captured waveforms display on each unit, triggers operate in common, and common items (record length, sample rate, acquisition settings, horizontal axis scale settings) are linked like a single 16-channel oscilloscope. Connect four-channel models for possibilities. Two synchronized instruments become linked and some operations are shared between the main unit and the sub unit. For example, if you zoom in on a waveform on the main or sub unit, the corresponding waveform on the other unit will automatically get zoomed in at the same spot. As measurement data can be output in batches, 16 channels can be checked at once in combination with the IS8000 integrated software platform.

IEEE1588 Integrated Measurement Master
The DLM5000HD can be set as the master unit for time-synchronized measurement using IEEE1588. This function connects measuring instruments in a LAN network to each other without a dedicated cable or complex settings typically required for synchronization, which allows users to start synchronized measurements easily. If using a network HUB, be sure to use an IEEE1588-supported version.  All measured data and results can be integrally analyzed on the same time axis on the IS8000 integrated test and measurement software platform.

History and Search
Automatically save previously captured waveforms with the DLM5000HD series, up to 200,000 previously captured waveforms can be saved in the acquisition memory. Display one or all of the previously captured waveforms (history waveforms) on screen and perform cursor measurement, computation, and other operations. Users can analyze rarely-occurring abnormal signals even when an appropriate trigger condition is difficult to find because its waveform shapes are not constant. Multiple intuitive search methods are also available. For example, you can specify a rectangular zone that captures a part of a waveform on the screen, a zone that covers an entire measured waveform, or a polygonal zone. If you know a value of interest, such as an abnormal value of voltage or pulse width, you can search history waveforms using waveform parameters.

Captured Waveforms History Function | DLM5000HD Oscilloscope | Yokogawa Test&Measurement

Zoom and Search
Multi-channel waveforms captured in the long memory need to be zoomed in vertically and horizontally for detailed viewing. The touchscreen plus dedicated zoom keys and knob allow you to quickly zoom in on aspects you wish to see. You can display two zoomed waveforms with different time axis scales at the same time and use Auto Scroll to sweep the zoom window across the waveforms automatically. The ability to zoom in on two distant locations at the same time (like “cause” and “effect” of an event) or to display them with different zoom factors is very useful for software debugging. Users can also search using multiple criteria to automatically find and zoom into features in the waveform for further inspection. The locations of the found waveforms are marked on screen.

Waveforms Zoom and Search | DLM5000HD High-Definition Oscilloscope | Yokogawa Test&Measurement

Logic Signal Measurement and Analysis
Equipped with 16 bit logic input as standard. With the /L4 and /L32 options, up to 32 logic signals can be measured. Bus/State display and optional DA calculation functions (useful for AD/DA converters evaluation) are also provided.

Logic Signal Measurement and Analysis | DLM5000HD High-Definition Oscilloscope | Yokogawa Test&Measurement

Real-time filters with optimum noise reduction support a wide range of frequencies from 8 kHz to 200 MHz. Each channel has 14 low pass filters available with cutoff frequencies from 8 kHz to 200 MHz and waveforms are filtered prior to storage in memory. These real-time filters allow for stable triggering of superimposed noise signals.

User-Defined Math Option (/G2 or /G02)
Equations can be arbitrarily created using a suite of operators such as trigonometric and logarithmic operators, integration and differntiation, pulse width operators, phase measurement, and digital-to-analog conversion.

Power Supply Analysis Option (/G3 or /G03)
Switching Loss Analysis: Calculate switching loss [ V ( t ) × i ( t ) ] over long test cycles utilizing the long built-in memory. A wide variety of switching loss analyses are supported, including turn-on/off loss calculation, loss including continuity loss, and loss over long cycles of 50 Hz/60 Hz power line. Power Parameter Measurement: Measure power parameters automatically for up to four pairs of voltage and current waveforms, such as active power, apparent power, power factor, and more. Cycle statistics and history statistics can also be calculated.

Other Functions for Improved Operational Efficiency

Functions for Improved Operational Efficiency | DLM5000HD High-Definition Oscilloscope | Yokogawa Test&Measurement

Multi-Channel Measurement Applications

High Voltage Switching Motor/Inverter Circuits Development
The high-definition oscilloscope DLM5000HD is ideal for measuring fast switching of inverters. It measures eight channels simultaneously up to 2.5 GS/s with bandwidths up to 500 MHz and provides high-precision analysis with 12-bit resolution. In addition, DLMsync enables uncomplicated connection of two DLM5000HD Series models to allow evaluation tests to be completed all at once through multi-point measurements. The SW Loss Math Function is effective for inverter characterization and provides powerful analysis support. A full line of accessories for high voltages is also available.

High-Voltage Switching Motor/Inverter Circuits Development | DLM5000HD High-Definition Oscilloscope | Yokogawa Test&Measurement
Examples include measuring three-line voltages and three-phase currents of a three-phase motor simultaneously and measuring gate control signals of six SiCs in an inverter at the same time.

Automotive Electronic Control Unit and Mechatronics Embedded Device Development
Digital waveform analysis using logic inputs alone cannot reveal anomalies such as voltage drift, noise, distortion or ringing, and measure rise-fall times. Electronic control unit (ECU) testing requires stringent examination of all digital waveforms and analog input channels are best for this job. Numerous I/O analog, digital, and serial-bus waveforms surrounding the ECU must be measured. The DLM5000HD offers ample channel-count and architecture to monitor eight analog channels and up to 32-bits of logic input while simultaneously performing protocol analysis such as UART, I2C, SPI, CAN, CAN FD, LIN, CXPI, PSI5, and FlexRay.

Automotive Electronic Control Unit and Mechatronics Embedded Device Development | DLM5000HD High-Definition Oscilloscope | Yokogawa Test&Measurement
Examples include measuring controller I/O signals and serial bus signals simultaneously and measuring analog behavior of both logic and serial bus signals.

Power Conditioning Systems Evaluation
When evaluating power conditioning systems, measuring for long periods of time at low sampling rates is required to determine overall power efficiency. However, there are sometimes situations where a user may want to capture events at a high sampling rate, like when a high load is applied. The DLM5000HD employs a IEEE1588 master function with highly-accurate time synchronization with the WT5000 Precision Power Analyzer, along with other IEEE1588-supported models, for easy measurement synchronization. Capture microseconds-long events without omissions while the WT5000 accurately measures power efficiency over a long period of time.

Power Conditioning Systems Evaluation | DLM5000HD High-Definition Oscilloscope | Yokogawa Test&Measurement

Serial Analysis Function Options (/F1 to /F6, /F01 to /F06)

Dedicated trigger and analysis options are available for various serial buses of both in-vehicle and embedded systems. Logic input can also be used for I2C/SPI/UART/SENT. When not necessary to observe waveform quality of a bus, decoding or analysis using logic inputs is possible.

Unique Auto Setup
Yokogawa Test&Measurement’s proprietary Auto Setup function automatically analyzes the input signal or captured waveforms and complex parameters such as bit rate and threshold level and selects the optimal settings in seconds. This saves time and is a powerful debugging feature when bit rate and other parameters are unknown.

Simultaneous Analysis (Up to Four Buses)
Perform high-speed simultaneous analysis on up to four different serial buses operating at different speeds. Extensive search capabilities enhance the usability and allow users to find specific data in very long memory. Use dual-zoom means view different buses and debug alongside each other.

Simultaneous Analysis of Up to Four Buses | DLM5000HD High-Definition Oscilloscope | Yokogawa Test&Measurement
Four-bus list display (top right image) and waveform display and decode results (bottom right image).
  • Construction and verification of SENT communication system
  • Accurate, reliable data transmission at low cost

While accurate rise time measurements have become easier to make, it remains, nonetheless, quite easy to overlook error contributions due to not only the oscilloscope but also the probe. And, while the error contributed by a scope's finite step-response (rise time) is often accounted for, that contributed by the probe is often overlooked.




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    Test and measurement engineering work groups can have differing priorities and requirements, which often results in multiple instrumentation systems and data file formats, as well as incompatible reporting. This lack of effective communication between groups and instruments causes decreased efficiency and quality and increased spending and time to market. Unify test and measurement instrumentation, software, and data across engineering teams with a suite of solutions that caters to the different needs of engineering work groups, including accurate power data, fast sampling rates, long recordings of multiple different input types, and insights into waveform data.


    The DLM5000HD Series High-Definition Oscilloscope is the latest addition to the Yokogawa Test&Measurement oscilloscope line-up that takes you beyond eight channels.

    Adaptability is key in the development of high-performance and intelligent power semiconductor technologies and mechatronics in modern electric vehicles, motor controls, and energy efficient electronic designs. With up to 16 bits high resolution, best-in-class startup speed, the ability to support measurements up to 16 channels, high noise immunity for harsh environments, and more, the four-to-eight channel DLM5000HD Series enables easy touch navigation through a wealth of analysis features.

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