96001/751552 Current Clamp-On Probe

Current clamp-on probe accessories for digital power meters, power analyzers, and digital multimeters
AC 400 Arms (600 A Peak) / AC 1000 Arms (1400 A Peak)

Yokogawa's current clamp-on probes can be used for current power measurements on large-current equipment in excess of a power meter's rated range. The clamp-on design makes it possible to take measurements in tight spots, and to take measurements with live wires in already-installed equipment. Two models are available: 96001, which covers a wide frequency range; and 751552, which can be used for high-precision measurements. Model 96001 provides voltage output, so it can be used with waveform measuring instruments and digital

Voltage Output Features
Jas9 Tm Wtacc 13
  • Wide dynamic range: 0 Arms to 400 Arms (AC); Max. 600 Apk (AC)
  • Wide measurement frequency range: 20 Hz to 20 kHz (±5%)
  • Basic accuracy: ±1.0% of rdg ±0.2 mV
  • Voltage output model: 10 mV/A
  • Since this model is a voltage output type, you can use it for an oscilloscope.
Jas9 Tm Wtacc 14
  • Wide dynamic range: 0.001 Arms to 1000 Arms (AC): Max. 1400 Apk (AC)
  • Wide measurement frequency range: 30 Hz to 5 kHz (±2%)
  • Highly-precise basic accuracy: ±0.3% of rdg
  • Phase error: 0.7 deg (50/60 Hz)
  • Current output model: 1 mA/A


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