• DAIRI Kenji *1 TOOYAMA
  • Akira *2 SUZUKI Kazuyuki *1
  • TSUTSUMI Seiichi *1
  • YANAGISAWA Yoshiki *1   

*1 Communications and Measurement Business Headquarters
*2 Corporate Marketing Headquarters
With improvements in the speed and bandwidth of communication networks in recent years, 10-Gbit/s high-speed optical communications systems are becoming increasingly widespread in core networks, as well as access networks and LANs. Accordingly, devices and modules for use in 10-Gbit/s transmission are being actively developed, causing increasingly fierce price competition. Under these circumstances, the bit error rate testers (BERT) necessary to test these devices and modules are also facing a demand for lower prices. We have explored essential functionality and performance and examined product specifications, with a focus on application to the production of optical transceivers. Consequently, we have developed two compact and economical 10-Gbit/s BERTs, a plug-in module model and a portable model, featuring variable amplitudes, cross-points and voltage offsets for the data output and a built-in clock and data recovery (CDR) function.

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