AQ1210 OTDR - an introduction

The Multi Field Tester AQ1210 Series OTDR is the smartest, most user friendly yet fully featured, handheld OTDR in our history. For over four decades, we have pioneered state-of-the art OTDRs for professionals across the globe. Based on this achievement, the AQ1210 series meets the diverse and demanding needs of testing requirements by field staff performing installation and maintenance of PON networks with up to 128 splits.

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AQ1210 Series Optical Time Domain Reflectometer

  • Yokogawa AQ1210 series OTDR
  • Fast and precise 
  • Optical time domain reflectometer delivers high reliability
  • Harsh field conditions
  • Multi-touch touchscreen, automatic measurement

Optical Test Equipment

  • Yokogawa optical test equipment solutions to measure optical components/systems
  • Serves demand for high capacity fiber lines and new component technologies

Optical Time Domain Reflectometer

  • Optical time domain reflectometer precision instrument for access network optical fiber installation and maintenance
  • Locate events or faults along fiber link during OTDR testing procedure

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