Why Can't I See the Harmonic Bar Graph in WTViewer After a Single Update When Connected to the WT1600?

For the WT1600, to view the harmonic data in the Bar Graph window of WTViewer, you have to select all the harmonic orders in the Numeric window. WTViewer's Bar Graph window display follows the harmonic items activated in the Numeric window. It does not automatically display all harmonics that are shown on the WT1600 display.

For example, if you wish to view the Bar Graph of 50 harmonics of U1, then you must first populate the Numeric window with functions to display, from 1 to 50 orders of U1. Only then, if you perform a single update, will you be able to view the Bar Graph of 50 orders in WTViewer.

For the WT3000, the opposite is true. When you open the Bar Graph window in WTViewer and perform a single update, the Bar Graph window will display all the harmonic orders. You do not have to individually populate the harmonics in the Numeric window.

Please download and view the attached document for more information.

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