Optical Spectrum Analyzer

An Optical Spectrum Analyser (or OSA) is a precision instrument designed to measure and display the distribution of power of an optical source over a specified wavelength span. An optical analyzer spectrum trace displays power in the vertical scale and the wavelength in the horizontal scale.

The expanding field of optics-related applications has created a vast variety of industries and organizations that require advanced optical spectral measurements for both R&D and manufacturing. These industries include telecommunications, consumer electronics, healthcare, life science/medical research, security, sensing, microscopy, and gas/chemical analysis, and environmental monitoring.

Yokogawa (formerly Ando) is the global leader in optical spectrum analyzers, delivering high quality, cutting edge technology with dependability, performance, and flexibility for over forty years.

AQ6380 OSA: 5 pm high wavelength resolution, ±5 pm accuracy, 65 dB wide close-in dynamic range, 80 dB high stray light suppression

  • AQ6370E Optical Spectrum Analyzer
  • Popular TELECOM wavelength Range of 600nm to1700nm
  • Ideal model for Telecommunications applications for single-mode and multi-mode optics
  • AQ6360 optical analyzer
  • Cost-effective optical spectrum analyzer
  • Diffraction grating technology
  • Ideal for optical device manufacturing
  • The high-performance optical spectrum analyzer optimized for visible laser measurement
  • 3 models line up for various applications [Standard, High resolution, Limited]
  • Ideal for the lasers of industrial, bio and medical
  • Wide range optical spectrum analyzer covering from visible light to communications wavelength
  • Wide wavelength range: 350 to 1750 nm
  • Ideal for various applications including fiber

High Performance LONG WAVELENGTH
The AQ6375E covers not only telecommunication wavelengths, but also the SWIR region which is often used for environmental sensing and medical applications.
・Lineup of 3 models [Standard, Extended and Limited]
・Covers wavelengths
     1200 to 2400 nm [Standard, and Limited]
     1000 to 2500 nm [Extended ]

MWIR WAVELENGTH with internal gas purge and cut filter
The AQ6376E is the latest version of our bench-top optical spectrum analyzer extending the wavelength coverage well beyond the NIR range of our previous models into the MWIR region from 1500 to 3400 nm.
Popular applications include the detection of gases such as carbon oxides (COx), nitrogen oxides (NOx), and hydrocarbon gas (CxHy) for environmental studies.

  • AQ6377 long-wavelength optical spectrum analyzer model covering the MWIR region over 5 μm
  • AQ6370D optical analyzer model with highest resolution (up to 20 pm)
  • Highest close-in dynamic (up to 78 dB)
  • Widest measurement power (up to 110 dB)

The AQ6370 Viewer is a package of PC application software for the AQ6380, the AQ6360, and the AQ6370 series Optical Spectrum Analyzer.

Specifications and features

Wavelength band / Feature / Model
VIS High
Optical comm.
Wide band AQ6374E
Optical comm. High
High speed
Space saving
SWIR 2 μm AQ6375E
MWIR 3 μm AQ6376E
5 μm AQ6377
aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Wavelength
Wavelength accuracy(nm) Close-in dynamic range(dB) Level sensitivity(dBm) Applicable
Purge feature Higher-order
diffracted light
Wavelength range(nm) Max. Min. VIS
Optical comm. Full
≤ 1 μm
≤ 2.2 μm
≥ 2.2 μm
SM GI Large
  1.31μm 1.55μm 1.6μm      
AQ6373B波長範囲 10 0.01*1
(350 to 600 nm)
aaaaaaa aaaaaaa aaaaaaa ±0.2
  −80 typ.
−60 typ.
aaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaa
AQ6374波長範囲 10 0.05 ±0.05 ±0.2 ±0.05 ±0.2 ±0.2 60
AQ6370E波長範囲 2 0.02   ±0.1 ±0.008 typ. ±0.015 typ. ±0.1 45
50 typ.
67 typ.
−90       aaaaaa
AQ6380波長範囲 2 0.005   ±0.05 ±0.005 ±0.01 ±0.05 45
55 typ.
67 typ.
aaaaaaaaaaaaaa −85        
AQ6360波長範囲 2 0.1   ±0.1 ±0.02 ±0.04 ±0.1 40
  −80       *2  
AQ6375E波長範囲 2 0.05   ±0.5 ±0.05 ±0.1 ±0.5 45
      −62 −67
AQ6376E波長範囲 2 0.1     ±0.5 ±0.5 ±0.5 45
AQ6377波長範囲 5 0.2         ±0.5 50 typ.
        −40 typ.
−50 typ.
−60 typ.


●: Available
*1: High resolution model
*2: Purge feature for the AQ6360 are available on request.
*3: Wavelength extended model


This application note introduces free space light measurement jigs for measuring the emission spectrum of a light source that propagates in free space or the optical transmission spectrum of an optical filter. It describes four types of jigs for light sources and one type for filters.


Optical transceivers are one of the indispensable key devices for optical communications that interconvert optical and electrical signals.

Application Note

OSA Macro Program Function

The OSA Macro Program Function enables automated measurement by creating programs for entry of measurement conditions and other tasks. Users can program a sequence of measurement procedures from entry of measurement conditions (e.g., wavelength sweep width, setting resolution) to analyses, data saving, output, and others and eliminates redundant procedures on the production line. The function acts as a controller of other connected devices through the LAN or RS232C port and allows users to build an automatic measuring system without using an external PC and input measurement conditions or output measured results while programs are running.


To accurately measure pulsed light using an optical spectrum analyzer (OSA), it is necessary to understand the characteristics of the OSA and select the appropriate measurement method and settings.


We have developed the AQ6375 Optical Spectrum Analyzer  grating-based desktop optical spectrum analyzer, which can measure an optical spectrum over a wide wavelength range from 1.2 to 2.4 m with high wavelength resolution at high speed. Despite the popularity of desktop optical spectrum analyzers in the telecommunication wavelength region, a large-scale optical spectrum measurement system with a monochromator has commonly been used for measuring the long wavelength region, and so there was a need for a desktop optical spectrum analyzer for long wavelengths. Deep optical absorptions appearing in the long wavelength region around 2 m caused by CO2, NOX and H2O are attracting attention in the environmental and medical fields, and thus sensitive measuring equipment by laser absorption spectroscopy using a near infrared semiconductor laser is becoming more popular. With excellent optical spectrum measurement capabilities (high resolution and high speed), operability and maintenance performance, the AQ6375 Optical Spectrum Analyzer optical spectrum analyzer will contribute to the performance improvement and spread of near-infrared semiconductor lasers used in laser absorption spectroscopy.


This paper describes a compact optical channel monitor and a delayed interferometer having free-space optical elements such as lenses or mirrors, as an application of microoptics. These devices have been developed to be built into dense wavelength division multiplexing (DWDM) transmission systems. These optics use a Gaussian beam which is emitted through single-mode optical fibers and located near the optical axis. This paper explains the optical designs of these devices based on the Gaussian beam's behavior.
SANPEI Yoshihiro*1  SUZUKI Yasuyuki*2   IEMURA Kouki*3   ASANO Junichirou*3

*1Communication and Measurement Business Headquarters, Optical Communication Measurement Development Department

*2Communication and Measurement Business Headquarters, Core Technology Development Department

*3Photonics Business Headquarters, Engineering Department IV


After a disastrous 2009, the large publicly held test companies enjoyed booming business in 2010.


Wavelength accuracy: Wavelength accuracy is a tolerance to the true value of a measured value when the standard wavelength is measured.  Wavelength repeatability:Wavelength repeatability is the stability of ...


If you are performing wavelength calibration using the instrument's built-in light source, the warning message is an indication that the monochromator needs to be repaired. Please visit our Contact site to locate ...


Please download the attached application note for instructions on how to make High Bit Rate Modulated OSNR Measurement for the AQ6319 and AQ6370 series Optical Spectrum Analyzer..


The Chopped Light mode is used: To increase measurement level sensitivity by cutting the high frequency noise To detect only the light that the LS emitted, effective for free space measurement. In free space ...

  • AQ637X Optical Spectrum Analyzer sanitation procedure
  • Restore settings to defaults with parameter initialization



If you have products currently in China that require calibration or repair, you may either return them to your local Yokogawa service center or the Yokogawa China Service & Repair Center.   Please be advised that ...


The AQ6373 optical spectrum analyzer performs the color analysis function as follows:1. Measure the spectrum 2. Compare the measured spectrum with “color matching functions”  as defined by the CIE Using these ...


Level Accuracy:Level Accuracy is a tolerance to the true value of measured value, when a standard level is measured with a standard wavelength. Level Linearity:Level Linearity is the width of error dispersion ...


The remote viewer may not start if the screen resolution is too low.  Adjust the screen resolution to 1024 by 768 pixels (or larger) then restart the software.​


Yes, the AQ6370 Optical Spectrum Analyzer Viewer Software is compatible with Windows 7 32-bit and 64-bit. Note: Please make sure the correct USB driver is installed for either Windows 7 32-bit or 64-bit.


If the AQ637X series Optical Spectrum Analyzer is already running and you attempt to connect an external display, the OSA will not automatically detect the external display. The OSA will need to be re-booted before it can recognize and ...


Please clean the fiber used between the calibration output and the optical input.  


The AQ6370 OSA cannot load and re-display the data saved by an AQ6370B. However, the AQ6370 Viewer software can display the data saved by both instruments. Also please note that the AQ6370B OSA can load and re-display ...

  • AQ6319 Optical Spectrum Analyzer
  • Warning "142 WL calibration failed"
  • Displayed when light source level is not enough at wavelength calibration or calibration cannot be executed because wavelength difference is out of calibration 

The maximum input power that the AQ6370B Optical Spectrum Analyzer can measure for pulsed light measurements is +20dBm per resolution at full span, per channel. Keep in mind that this limit is applicable to an averaged power of pulsed light, ...


The resolution is controlled by 3 factors: Input Slit Detraction Grating  Output Slit The resolution setting controls the output slit disk. This disk has a fixed number of slits in it. Since the setting only control ...

  • It is possible to convert an AQ6370 Optical Spectrum Analyzer Binary file to ASCII .CSV file using the AQ6370 Viewer Software? 
  • Different AQ637X series OSA Viewer software will load specific binary file extensions.

For the AQ6373 Optical Spectrum Analyzer you can use a maximum 800 micron core fiber that must be terminated in a standard FC connector.   For the AQ6375 and AQ6370 series OSA you can use a maximum 200 micron core fiber which, ...


The AQ637X Optical Spectrum Analyzer has a feature called Auto Offset that it performs every 10 minutes. What this feature does is zero out the OP amps in the OSA to ensure constant level accuracy. This feature will however, stop the OSA ...


No, unfortunately due to the number of current fiber combinations, we do not stock optical fibers. There are many companies that specialize in optical fiber cords.


The AQ6370C Optical Spectrum Analyzer was developed in accordance with the IEC standard: WG4 (IEC 61280-1-3) Test procedures for general communication subsystems -Central wavelength and spectral width measurement. We cannot guarantee the RMS ...

T&M Magazine ed. 6 - Automotive (Jan 2019)  
(T&M Magazine ed. 6 - Automotive (Jan 2019))
Edition 062019

Product Overviews


    Introducing the new Yokogawa Test&Measurement AQ6380 Optical Spectrum Analyzer. This new OSA includes many sought-after features including:

    • An unprecedented 5 pm wavelength resolution
    • ±5 pm wavelength accuracy
    • 1200 nm to 1650 nm wavelength range
    • 65 dB wide close-in dynamic range
    • 80 dB stray light suppression
    • Automated wavelength calibration
    • Gas purging
    • DUT-oriented interface and test apps
    • Backward-compatible remote interface
    • 10.4in intuitive touchscreen
    • Up to 20x faster measurement
    • Remote operation capabilities


    From visible light to telecommunication bands and even up to applications in the 2000nm region, optical testing professionals count on the Yokogawa Test&Measurement optical testing family of products. For decades, these precision-based optical measuring instruments have met and exceeded the needs of many customers’ experimental requirements. Applicable to a range of uses in R&D, manufacturing, and academia, Yokogawa Test&Measurement OSAs, OTDRs, OWMs, modular manufacturing test systems, and more deliver quality, consistency, ease of use, and market leadership for all manner of optical test applications.


First Optical Spectrum Analyzer to enable side mode analysis of MWIR lasers

With the new AQ6377, Yokogawa optical spectrum analyzers portfolio now covers the entire wavelength range between 350 and 5500 nm

News Brief
maalis 30, 2020
Yokogawa launches extreme precision Optical Spectrum Analyzer

- AQ6380 features improved precision and productivity for developing next generation optical network backhaul components -

Press Release
elo 30, 2021
Yokogawa launches new Optical Spectrum Analyzers covering wide wavelength range

The AQ6375E and AQ6376E combine short and mid wavelength infrared with extreme optical precision to aid development of measurement lasers- 

Press Release
hein 28, 2022
Yokogawa Test&Measurement Releases AQ6373E Visible Wavelength and AQ6374E Wide Range Optical Spectrum Analyzers

Yokogawa Test & Measurement Corporation launches the AQ6370E optical spectrum analyzer on June 26, 2023. An upgraded version of the AQ6370D, it offers enhanced performance and usability features. Ideal for industry, universities, and research, it characterizes various components, including optical communication lasers. Read more...

Press Release
hein 28, 2023
MicroPhotons accelerates Precision Gas Spectrometry in the MWIR spectrum

One of the most effective tools in the fight against air pollution and carbon emissions is the technique of gas absorption spectrometry. MicroPhotons addresses this challenge by replacing super-cooled emitters with a super-continuum light source for room temperature gas absorption measurements. Read more...

News Brief
maalis 19, 2024

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