ScopeCorder DL850/DL850V Release of new modules and DC power option (/DC)

This is to announce the release of two new modules for the DL850/DL850V ScopeCorders and DC12V power drive (/DC) option for DL850V Vehicle Edition. The total 17 plug-in modules allow for flexible, assorted measurements.

Product Overview

16-ch Temperature/Voltage Input Module(model: 720221) and External Scanner Box(Model:701953)

Up to 16-CH(sub-channel) of temperature or DC voltage can be measured by a single module. A thermocouple or electrical wire can be connected at the screw terminal on the external scanner box(model: 701953).
70221 and 701953
720221 and 701953

CAN & LIN Bus Monitor Module (model: 720241, available for DL850V only)

This module interprets the CAN and LIN protocols, monitors communication data on these buses, and displays the time series trend waveforms on the DL850V screen.

DL850V DC12V Power Drive Option (/DC, available for DL850V only)

AC and DC power supplies can be used together to ensure a highly reliable power source. If the AC power goes down, the DL850V instantly switches to DC input without interrupting the measurement.
DC12V Power Drive Option

Precision Making