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Dedicated calibration instrument reduces cost and complexity of calibrating power meters and analysers

The Yokogawa LS3300 is a new dedicated, stand-alone and cost-effective calibrator that is designed to reduce the cost and complexity of calibrating power meters and analysers with accuracies up to 0.15%. Unlike existing multi-function calibrators, the LS3300 provides a lower cost and easy-to-use solution with specific features for calibrating power meters.



Yokogawa adds CXPI automotive serial bus analysis option to DLM oscilloscope series

Yokogawa has added CXPI serial bus analysis to the range of options available on the company’s DLM2000 and DLM4000 Series mixed signal oscilloscopes.



Download eBook: Unique measuring instrument for automotive design engineers

The introduction of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), fully autonomous vehicle technology and electrified powertrains is leading to a different level of manufacturing complexity never seen before. Design engineers are being challenged to carry ...

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Complete measurements, complete portability

Yokogawa launches new DL350 ScopeCorder - a compact, portable combination measuring instrument. The Yokogawa DL350 ScopeCorder is the most comprehensive fully portable measuring instrument available for capturing, displaying, recording and analyzing ...

Misure complete, completa portabilità

Yokogawa lancia il nuovo ScopeCorder DL350 - uno strumento di misura compatto e portatile. Lo ScopeCorder modello DL350 di Yokogawa é il più completo e portatile strumento di misura oggi disponibile per catturare, visualizzare, registrare ...

Yokogawa Meters & Instruments Releases Compact, Battery-powered DL350 ScopeCorder

Yokogawa Meters & Instruments Corporation announces that it has developed the DL350 ScopeCorder and will be releasing it for sale on June 13. Combining the strengths of an oscilloscope and a data recorder, the all-new DL350 features a built-in battery ...



Yokogawa’s WTViewerE power measurement software provides multi-unit PC connectivity for control, data collection and analysis

Yokogawa's new WTViewerE software provides PC connectivity for the company's industry-leading power analysers - including the WT3000E, WT1800E, WT500 and WT300E models - via Ethernet, USB, GPIB or RS232 interfaces. This connectivity allows users to easily ...



Yokogawa releases entry-level OTDR to boost operators’ productivity in testing “last mile” optical access networks

Yokogawa is adding an entry-level model, the AQ1000, to its range of OTDR (Optical Time-Domain Reflectometer) test instruments. The new instrument joins the existing mid-range AQ1200 series and the high-end AQ7280 series, and is specifically designed ...

Yokogawa lancia un OTDR entry-level che permette di incrementare la produttività del personale sul campo durante i test dell’ultimo miglio delle reti ottiche di comunicazione

Yokogawa aggiunge un modello entry-level, l' AQ1000, alla sua famiglia di prodotti OTDR (Optical Time-Domain Reflectometer). Il nuovo strumento complementa la famiglia Yokogawa degli OTDR che già conta i modelli intermedi della serie AQ1200 e ...



Yokogawa presenta l'analizzatore di potenza più accurato del mondo dedicato al test di trasformatori

- L'accuratezza di base dello 0,01% assicura ai produttori di trasformatori un potenziale risparmio economico di migliaia di euro - Il nuovo WT3000E Versione per Trasformatori di Yokogawa è l'analizzatore di potenza più accurato del mondo ...



Yokogawa launches world's most accurate power analyser dedicated to transformer testing

- Basic accuracy of 0.01% offers transformer manufacturers potential cost savings of thousands of euros - The new Yokogawa WT3000E Transformer Version is the world's most accurate precision power analyser dedicated to testing the power transformers ...



Yokogawa launches higher-performance successor to market-leading AQ6315A wideband optical spectrum analyser

- New AQ6374 offers faster measurements and purging feature for general-purpose optical testing over 350-1750 nm range - The new AQ6374 is the successor to the Yokogawa and ANDO-branded market-leading AQ6315A wideband optical spectrum analyser. Featuring ...

Yokogawa lancia il successore del AQ6315A, analizzatore di spettro ottico a larga banda leader di mercato nei primi anni 2000

- Il nuovo AQ6374 garantisce misure più veloci ed include la funzionalità di purificazione dell'aria circolante nel monocromatore per un test ottimale dei dispositivi ottici operanti nell'intervallo 350-1750 nm. - Il nuovo AQ6374 di Yokogawa ...

Yokogawa Meters & Instruments Releases AQ6374 Optical Spectrum Analyzer

Yokogawa Meters & Instruments Corporation announces that it has developed the AQ6374 optical spectrum analyzer and will release it on January 11. The AQ6374 features a wide dynamic range and high wavelength resolution and is capable of precisely ...


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