2012 Press Releases


Release of the AQ2200-131/132 Grid TLS Module

Yokogawa Meters & Instruments Corporation announces the November 13 release of the AQ2200-131/132 Grid TLS Module



New 8-channel mixed-signal oscilloscope from Yokogawa

- 500 MHz instrument offers comprehensive measurement capabilities for embedded, automotive, power and mechatronics applications - The new Yokogawa DLM4000 is the industry's first mixed-signal oscilloscope to feature eight channels. Combining the large ...

Nuevo osciloscopio mixto de 8 canales y 500 MHz de Yokogawa

Nuevo osciloscopio mixto de 8 canales y 500 MHz de Yokogawa, que ofrece innovadoras funciones de medida para aplicaciones de potencia, automoción, mecatrónica y sistemas embebidos.El Nuevo DLM4000 de Yokogawa es el primer osciloscopio mixto ...

Yokogawa releases the DLM4000 8-channel mixed-signal oscilloscope

DLM4000 The Yokogawa DLM4000 is the industry’s only eight-channel mixed-signal oscilloscope. Combining the large screen and eight-channel capability of Yokogawa’s earlier eight-channel DL7480 oscilloscope with the mixed-signal technology ...



Yokogawa adds four new models to AQ1200 Series of handheld multi-function OTDRs

Full range covers installation and maintenance testrequirements for all types of optical fibre networks Yokogawa has added four new models to its AQ1200 Series of handheld multi-function OTDRs (optical time-domain reflectometers), bringing the total ...

Yokogawa añade 4 nuevos modelos a su serie de Mini-OTDRs AQ1200

La gama se completa así para cubrir los requisitos de instalación y mantenimiento para todo tipo de redes de fibra ópticaYokogawa ha añadido cuatro nuevos modelos a su serie de OTDRS (reflectómetros ópticos en ...

High-speed differential probe for high-voltage oscilloscope measurements

The Yokogawa Model 701927 is a new high-speed differential probe for high-voltage floating signal measurements using the company's DLM2000 Series of mixed-signal oscilloscopes and other instruments equipped with the Yokogawa probe interface. The 701927 ...

Sonda diferencial de alta velocidad para medidas de alta tensión en osciloscopios

El modelo 701927 de Yokogawa es una nueva sonda diferencial de alta velocidad para medidas de señales flotantes de alta tensión con la serie de osciloscopios mixtos DLM2000 y otros equipos de Yokogawa dotados con su interfaz para sondas.La ...



Added 4 New Models of the AQ1200 OTDR

Yokogawa released four new AQ1200 OTDR models. AQ1200E: 1310/1550, 1625 nm AQ1205A: 1310/1550 nm AQ1205E: 1310/1550, 1625 nm AQ1205F: 1310/1550, 1650 nm



El Instituto Técnico de Investigación de Suecia SP elige el ScopeCorder DL850 de Yokogawa como equipo de adquisición para sus ensayos de impulsos de alta tensión

El ScopeCorder DL850 de Yokogawa es el núcleo del banco de pruebas y calibración desarrollado por SP (Instituto Técnico de Investigación de Suecia: http://www.sp.se) para impulsos de altas tensión basado en el estándar ...

Dance of the molecules: nanoplus tests the quality of distributed feedback lasers by using spectral characterisation

Highly accurate detection of trace gases in gas mixtures is of great interest in many different areas. For example, the detection of gas leaks and monitoring of the concentrations of explosive gases can help avoid potential disasters. In addition, the ...



SP – Technical Research Institute of Sweden offers high-voltage impulse testing using Yokogawa DL850 ScopeCorder

The Yokogawa DL850 ScopeCorder is at the heart of a test set-up created by SP -Technical Research Institute of Sweden - to offer an impulse-voltage calibration and testing service based on the international IEC60060 standard for high-voltage testing.High-voltage ...

Release of Updated Version of Harmonic Analysis Software for WT3000

Yokogawa released the updated version of the Harmonic Analysis Software for WT3000.



El software de medida de potencia de Yokogawa ofrece una solución completa para las últimas normativas de consumo en standby

Una nueva aplicación software, compatible con la gama de analizadores de potencia (vatímetros) de alta precisión de Yokogawa, propociona la solución completa para las pruebas de consumo en standby (o modo en espera) de acuerdo ...

Release of Updated Version of Power Consumption Measuring Software

Yokogawa released the updated version of the Power Consumption Measuring Software.



New input modules extend automotive and railway vehicle testing capabilities of Yokogawa DL850V ScopeCorder

A new CAN and LIN Bus monitor module, a 16-channel temperature/voltage module and a DC power-supply option have been introduced to enhance vehicle testing with the Yokogawa DL850V Vehicle Edition ScopeCorder. The CAN and LIN Bus monitor module interprets ...



Yokogawa ScopeCorder is key to Harmonizer’s power-quality testing

A Yokogawa DL850 ScopeCorder is playing a key part in tests on synchronised switching devices in power systems being carried out by Harmonizer Power Quality AB: a Swedish company that provides power-quality services for industrial and utility customers. ...


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