2013 Press Releases


Two new models extend application scope of Yokogawa’s family of source measure units

- New instruments introduce battery simulation function and extended voltage range - Two new instruments have been added to the Yokogawa GS610 and GS820 family of source measure units: the GS610 Model 7655 is a battery simulator unit which simulates ...



Yokogawa’s new DL850E and DL850EV ScopeCorders add real-time power analysis to wide-ranging measurement capabilities

- Portable data acquisition recorders can capture and analyse transient events and trends for up to 200 days in power, mechatronics and transportation applications - Yokogawa Europe B.V. has added two new instruments to its ScopeCorder family of portable ...

Los nuevos ScopeCorders DL850E/DL850EV de Yokogawa añaden un análisis de potencia en tiempo real a las capacidades de medición de gran alcance que ya tenían

- Los registradores portables de adquisición de datos pueden capturar y analizar transitorios y tendencias de ondas hasta 200 días para aplicaciones de potencia, mecatrónicas y de transporte - Yokogawa ha añadido dos nuevos ...



AC voltage/current standard for calibrating measuring instruments

- Simple stand-alone solution for calibrating meters, clamp meters and current transformers - The Yokogawa 2558A is a new precision AC voltage/current standard that offers a simple stand-alone solution for the calibration of measuring instruments and ...

Notice of the specification change to meet the European Safety Standard.

This is an announcement to make notice of change of product specifications to meet the European Safety Standard EN 61010-1:2010 and EN 61010-2-030:2010 criteria.



Yokogawa’s European Standards Laboratory leads the way in calibration services

Yokogawa has recently upgraded its state-of-the-art calibration laboratory which includes, wideband and high accurate power-meter calibration systems as well as systems for calibrating oscilloscopes, recorders and optical products, and is therefore capable ...



Yokogawa’s measurement accuracy leads to major cost savings for transformer industry

One of the world's leading suppliers of test facilities for the manufacturers of power turbines and transformers is using digital power analysers from Yokogawa because their accuracy offers major potential cost savings for end-users. Claes Hugoson, ...

Power measurement – driving today’s efficiency needs.

With almost 100 year of expertise, Yokogawa is the leader in power measurement and provides the most precise, accurate and stable power analysers. View the latest WT1800 power analyser video to understand the benefits of power measurement in variable ...



Optimización de nuevos diseños de motores eléctricos

- Y cómo los analizadores de potencia de Yokogawa juegan un papel clave en las pruebas de eficiencia de los motores de vehículos eléctricos - Los analizadores de potencia (vatímetros) de Yokogawa están jugando un papel ...

Optimising new electric motor designs

- Yokogawa power analysers play key part in efficiency tests on motors for electric vehicles - Yokogawa power analysers are playing a key part in tests designed to optimise the efficiency of a new generation of motors for electric vehicles being developed ...



Yokogawa enhances DLM4000 8-channel mixed-signal oscilloscope with additional channels and new firmware

- New options and upgrades improve logic analysis, power and serial-bus measurement capabilities - A number of new enhancements have been introduced to the Yokogawa DLM4000 Series of 8-channel mixed-signal oscilloscopes. These include the L16 option, ...



Yokogawa power meters are key to LUX-TSI EcoDesign Test programmes

Yokogawa power meters and analysers are the key elements in tests being carried out by LUX-TSI: an independent UK test house specialising in the testing of energy efficient lighting and electronic products, including LEDs, to ensure compatibility with ...



Variable-wavelength modules for optical test system

- Grid tunable light source modules enhance versatility of Yokogawa's multi-application test system -Yokogawa has extended the range of plug-in modules for use with its AQ2200 Series multi-application optical test system by introducing two new tunable ...

Optical wavelength meters combine speed and accuracy for measurements in 1270-1650 nm range

The new Yokogawa AQ6150 and AQ6151 optical wavelength meters are fast, accurate and cost-effective instruments for carrying out measurements in the telecommunications wavelength range from 1270 to 1650 nm. They are the latest additions to the company's ...

Medidor de longitud de onda óptica en el rango de 1270 a 1650 nm que combina altas precisión y velocidad

Los nuevos medidores de longitude de onda AQ6150 y AQ6151 de Yokogawa son instrumentos rápidos, precisos y con una inmejorable relación calidad-precio, para llevar a cabo medidas en el rango de telecomunicaciones de 1270 a 1650 nm. Son ...



Yokogawa launches 5th generation of the world’s best-selling power meter

- Compact digital instruments allow equipment manufacturers to optimise energy efficiency - The new WT300 series of digital power meters are the fifth generation of Yokogawa's best-selling compact digital power meters: instruments that play a key part ...

Yokogawa lanza la 5ª generación del Medidor de Potencia más vendido del mundo

- Instrumentos digitales compactos que permiten a los fabricantes optimizar la eficiencia energética - La nueva familia de vatímetros digitales WT300 supone la quinta generación que lanza Yokogawa de este tipo de equipos compactos, ...


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