Optical Time Domain Reflectometer AQ7275 (DISCONTINUED)

Notice: This product was discontinued on 14.12.31. See these replacement products:

The AQ7275 is one of the best selling OTDRs in the world. Model lineup has been expanded to a total of 9 models to choose from with a dynamic range of up to 45dB . Wavelength capability spans from 850nm (MMF) to 1650nm (SMF). An impressive 0.8m event dead zone makes this model an excellent choice for FTTH and metro, core networks.

Enhancements include a PON option allowing accurate event analysis after a 1x32 splitter with significantly reduced undershoot effects. Also unique to the industry is a built-in section of launch fiber to eliminate the need for a separate launch box.

Latest standard features includes the convenient capability to display a fiber connector inspection probe using one of the unit's standard USB I/O ports.

Yokogawa's OTDR has improved to suit your changing needs:

  • Wide Range of Modules Available
  • Enhanced support of FTTH to Metro, Core Network
  • High Dynamic Range (45dB)
  • Short Dead Zone (0.8 m)
  • Optional built in Dummy Fiber

Wide Range of Modules Available

Applicable Fiber No. of Wavelengths Wavelength Dynamic Range Model Descriptions
SMF 1 1650nm 30dB 735031-New 1650nm model, supporting maintenance wavelength of 1650nm including
1310/1550nm cut filter.
2 1310/1550nm 34/32dB 735032 Standard model for installation and maintenance of FTTH
2 1310/1550nm 40/38dB 735033 Standard model for installation and maintenance of Metro and Access network
2 1310/1550nm 43/41dB 45/43dB(typ.) 735034-New High dynamic range model for installation and maintenance of Core and Metro network 
3 1310/1490/1550nm 34/30/32dB 735035-New 3-wavelength model for PON system, supporting 1490nm 
3 1310/1550/1625nm 40/38/33dB 735036-New 3-wavelength model, supporting a maintenance wavelength of 1625nm including 1310/1550nm cut filter
3 1310/1550/1650nm 40/38/30dB 735037 3-wavelength model, supporting a maintenance wavelength of 1650nm including 1310/1550nm cut filter.
3 1310/1550/1625nm 40/38/36dB 735038-New 3-wavelength model, supporting a maintenance wavelength of 1625nm 
4 850/1300 nm
1310/1550 nm
40/38 dB(SM)
735041-New 4-wavelength model for installation and maintenance of LAN and FTTH with support for both multimode and single mode fiber. Dynamic range is specified when measuring 50GI fiber.

Meets a broad range of measurement needs from FTTH to Metro, Core network.
Tm Aq7275 04 1

Event Dead Zone 0.8 m

Accompanying the rapid proliferation of FTTH is a growing need for detection of reflective events arising from short distance mechanical connections. The AQ7275’s short event dead zone enables detection of closely spaced events in cables installed in offices and customer premises.
J014 Tm Aq7275 04

High Dynamic Range up to 43 dB (45dB typical)

The new High Dynamic range model (735034) can achieve the dynamic range of 40 dB. This high dynamic range is effective in measuring a transmission line consisting of long fiber cables and a splitter with a large loss. AQ7275 WEB Modify 3

Quick Startup within 10 Seconds

Now measurements can be started quickly upon arrival at the site. 10 seconds to power-up from completely OFF to fully ON! With such a fast power-up time, battery life can be extended by turning the power off while not in use at the job site without any concern about the power-up time when the next job is ready. It’s ready when you’re ready!

Stabilized Light Source

This light source option can be used for measuring losses. It can also be used for optical fiber identification, because it is capable of outputting not only continuous wave (CW) light but also a 270-Hz modulated light.

* The stabilized light source option cannot be used for the 735041 (MMF).

 Tm Aq7275 08

Visible Light Source

This option can be used for identifying the multicore fiber cable and visually checking for a failure. The adopting the connector connection method enables the visible light to reach greater distances with less light leakage.

* The visible light source option cannot be used for the 735036, 735037, and 735041.

Tm Aq7275 06

Built-in Dummy Fiber

You can use the dummy fiber to effectively detect abnormal near-end connection loss.

* The dummy fiber option cannot be used for the 735041.
* The built-in dummy fiber is not attachable and removable.

Tm Aq7275 07

Optical Power Monitor

 This is useful for simply checking optical power when performing link loss testing or troubleshooting.

* The optical power monitor option cannot be used for the 735031 and 735041 (MMF).
 Tm Aq7275 05

Angled-PC Connector

You can connect an optical fiber with an angled-PC connector directly to the OTDR. The angled PC is often used for CATV networks to reduce the influence of reflection.

External Large Capacity Battery

Model 739881Tm Aq7275 26

External battery attached to the the OTDR extends the battery operation time up to 18 hours, which is three times the standard battery operation.


Measured results can be printed on site. It makes it easy to attach the printed sheet to your report. Remote control and FTP (file transfer) via LAN is also possible. Tm Aq7275 09

Easy to Operate for Beginners and Experts

Setup mode can be selected according

Tm Aq7275 10
Tm Aq7275 01 Tm Aq7275 02 Tm Aq7275 03
Simply select the measured wavelength and the AQ7275 takes care of the rest by automatically setting the optimal measurement conditions and by performing measurement and event analysis, and fully automated data saving. Display the guidelines for the setup items from the Setup menu. Follow the step-bystep instructions to complete the setup. This mode allows you to set all the detailed settings, not only the measurement and analysis settings but also the screen display and system settings.
Tm Aq7275 11 Tm Aq7275 12 Tm Aq7275 13

Macro's with Predefined Procedures

One-button MeasurementSimply select previously set measurement procedures and then push a button.
You can execute up to 5 previously set and saved measurement procedures automatically.
Measurement and analysis conditions can be loaded from a file, making it easy to set up measurement procedures you executed previously.

Tm Aq7275 14

Measurement withAuto Wavelength Switching

Multi Wavelength Measurement

Just push one button to switch multiple wavelengths and perform measurement automatically.
Measured waveforms for multiple wavelengths are displayed on a single screen, so it is easy to compare the waveforms. The measured data is saved to memory.

Tm Aq7275 15 1

Useful Support Functions

Checking the Connection with the OTDR

- Plug Check Function

You can detect poor connections and dirty plugs

The plug check function monitors the condition of the optical connectors and displays an alarm if the connection is not properly made. This function is useful for checking for damage, dirt, or other problems with optical plugs at the OTDR or on the fiber under test. It is also useful for helping technicians to remember to connect the fiber under test.

Detecting Fault Events

- Fault Event Display Function

The fault event display function detects and displays abnormal connection or reflection points. Of the events detected by this function, abnormal events that cross a specified threshold value are highlighted in the event table and waveform display.

Tm Aq7275 16

Measurement with Comparison to Reference Waveform

- Trace Fix Function

This function enables you to freeze the display of one waveform and overlap it on real-time or averaged waveforms. This is useful for creating a template when installing multicore fiber, or for checking aged deterioration during maintenance on existing fiber networks. In addition to the last measured waveform, a waveform can be loaded from a file for use as a reference waveform.  Tm Aq7275 17

USB Function

The AQ7275 has two USB 1.1 compliant connector ports as standard (Type A and Type B).
Type A port is for USB memory and USB hard disk drivefor storage.
Type B port is for connecting external PC. AQ7275 can be remotely controlled from external PC, and an internal memory of AQ7275 can be accessed from external PC directly.
AQ7275 WEB Modify 1

Multi Fiber Measurement Function

The Multi fiber measurement function automatically performs measurements and data-filing according to a pre-established file name table. At worksite, you can execute it by simply selecting a fiber number in the table.
The saved waveform can be easily shown in the preview window by selecting the core number in the table.
The OTDR Project File Editor included in AQ7932 Emulation Software greatly saves time to create file name table.

Tm Aq7275 24 1

Multi Core Trace Comparison Function

Communication services must be interrupted when existing fiber optic cables are rerouted due to construction work of roads and buildings. This function minimizes the duration of the interruption by improving the efficiency of the rerouting work.
A waveform is measured before and after the work and compared against one another to determine a pass/fail condition using a user defined threshold criteria.
This function also enables the management of cores of a multicore fiber optic cable by number and color. This prevents the user from measuring a wrong core.
Numbers for measured cores are marked with check marks. This prevents the same core from being measured multiple times plus ensures no cores are overlooked.



Macro Bending Function

If there is a bend in the optical fiber, the longwavelength loss is higher at the location of the bend.
This function uses this characteristic to locate macro bends by measuring the same line at multiple wavelengths.


Scheduling Function

Fiber optic networks are known to be subject to seasonal failures such as one caused by freezing. Such
failures are restored automatically after several minutes to several hours. Thus the failure cannot be located due to the temporary nature of the fault.
The scheduling function performs measurements automatically in the specified period and saves the
measurement data automatically to an external USB flash drive. The AQ7932 Emulation Software on a PC is
used to call up the data before and after the fault event from a large amount of data automatically saved to the USB flash drive, and analyze the chronological changes in the waveform to locate the failure.
In addition, the remote control software provides support for measurements using the scheduling function, by providing a function to transfer the data stored in the USB flash drive to the PC via a network cable; a tool
that detects a data file containing a change exceeding the threshold from a large number of data files; and a tool that batch calculates losses between two points.



No, unfortunately due to the number of current fiber combinations, we do not stock optical fibers. There are many companies that specialize in optical fiber cords.


The Cursor value on the AQ7270 Optical Time Domain Reflectometer displays the level in dB that the signal is above the noise floor of the optical port you are connected to. The noise floor is basically the Dynamic range. This lets you know if you are approaching the ...


Please download the attached Word document for a list of compatible USB drivers for the AQ7270 and AQ7275 Optical Time Domain Reflectometer Series.


The Chopped Light mode is used: To increase measurement level sensitivity by cutting the high frequency noise To detect only the light that the LS emitted, effective for free space measurement. In free space ...


The cursor value displays the level (dB) of the signal that is above the noise floor of the connected optical port. The noise floor is the dynamic range. This lets you know if you are approaching the maximum distance ...


Yes, the AQ7270 Optical Time Domain Reflectometer Viewer Software is compatible with Windows 7 32-bit and 64-bit. Note: Please make sure the correct USB driver is installed for either Windows 7 32-bit or 64-bit.


Yes, the AQ7932 OTDR Emulation Viewer Software is compatible with Windows 7 32-bit and 64-bit. Note: Please make sure the correct USB driver is installed for either Windows 7 32-bit or 64-bit.


To delete all user files from the internal memory of the AQ7270 or AQ7275 Optical Time Domain Reflectometer (OTDR), follow the procedures listed below: Power up the AQ720 or AQ7275 OTDR Press the OTDR soft key Press the FILE key Press the ACTION soft ...


The maximum visible light source distance that can be seen by the AQ7275 Optical Time Domain Reflectometer, through a standard SM fiber, is approximately 5 km or 3.1 miles.


The SU2005A-LCC universal connector is physically compatible with AQ7275, but we do not recommend it because we expect poor connection repeatability and return loss. We cannot guarantee the performance of AQ7275 when ...


Yes, the AQ7275 has a USB 1.1 port that can be used to remotely control the OTDR.

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