Digital Manometers MT210/MT210F (DISCONTINUED)

Notice: This product was discontinued on Sep 30, 2019. See this replacement product:

The MT210/210F series of digital manometers, produced by combining YOKOGAWA's best pressure measurement technologies, offers excellent accuracy, reliable operation, and a variety of applications. These measuring tools provide the perfect solutions for a wide range of technologies.


Offering Precision Digital and Fast Response Digital Manometer options with:

  • High accuracy:
    ±0.01%, with a maximum allowable input of 500 kPa (130 kPa-range model)
  • A wide range of pressures:
    Offering low differential pressure of 1 kPa to a high gauge pressure of 3000 kPa
  • Three measurement modes:
    Normal speed, medium speed, and high speed (MT210F series)
  • Options:
    D/A conversion output, comparator output, and external trigger input (optional)
    GP-IB and RS-232 interfaces, l12-V DC power supply, lBattery operation (optional)

High performance and reliable operation

  • High performance, high resolution
    The MT210/210F series features high performance, and a high, basic accuracy of ±0.01% thanks to the YOKOGAWA-original silicon resonant sensor.
  • High allowable input pressure
    The maximum allowable input pressure is as high as 500 kPa (such as in the 130 kPa-range model). Now you don't have to worry about sensor breakdown due to overrange pressure input.
  • Traceable to Japanese national standards
  • Minimal effect of temperature changes
    The silicon resonant sensor is highly immune to environmental discrepancies such as temperature changes.
  • A variety of measurement objectives
    1. Supports high-speed measurement
      The MT210F series has been added to our range or pressure measuring instruments in order to support high-speed measurements. These measurements, such as the observation of transient-response characteristics, include relatively fast pressure changes.
    2. A wide range of models
      You can choose a model to fit your application from models with different pressure types/gauges and absolute and differential pressures. Also choose among models with pressure ranges from the low differential pressure of 1 kPa to the gauge pressure of 3000 kPa.
    3. Applicable to both gases and liquids
      Never be bothered by the labor of switching between models. The MT210/210F series can measure both gases and liquids. With the new differential-pressure models you can measure liquids that you couldn't measure before with the MT110-series differential-pressure models.
  • Ease of systemization
    1. D/A conversion output The D/A-converted signal of a measured value is output through an external terminal. This feature permits you to easily send data to your measurement system or recorder
      Observation examples of D/A conversation output
      • Differences due to the measurement mode, where the normal-speed waveform is when the Moving-average option is turned off

        Differences due to the measurement mode

      • Close-up of output waveform (with the dynamic mode enabled)

        Close-up of output waveform

    2. Comparator output and external trigger input
      Use these I/O functions to set the upper and lower limits, judge the measured value, and output the result through an external terminal. What's more, you can apply a start-of-measurement trigger using a falling edge of an external trigger signal. These features will help automate your production/inspection lines of pressure-related products.
    3. GP-IB and RS-232 interfaces
      This feature lets you read measured values into your PC or set measurement conditions from the PC. Communication is still possible even when the MT210/210F series are operated on batteries or the DC power source.
  • Support of field use
    1. 12-V DC power supply
      The MT210/210F operate on a 12-V DC power supply. This feature is useful for in-vehicle tests.
    2. Operation on Ni-Cd battery pack
      Operation on Ni-Cd battery pack The MT210/210F series, which come standard with a built-in battery charger, can continuously operate on an optional Ni-Cd battery pack for approximately 10 hours.

Assured compatibility with earlier models

  • Inheritance of performance from MT110 Series
    The MT210/210F series feature additional functions such as support of high-speed measurement, while inheriting the basic performance from their predecessor, the MT110.
  • Common communication commands
    The MT210/210F series share the GP-IB and RS-232 communication protocols with their predecessor, the MT110. No modifications to the communication protocols are necessary when expanding a system that uses the earlier series or when replacing the series.

Front Panel(differential-pressure model, JPG, 30 KB)

Rear Panel(differential-pressure model, JPG, 27 KB)



Phototelectric Element Silicon Photodiode
Measuring Range 0.0 to 99.9/999/9990/99900/999000 lx
Response Time 2 sec (manual range)
5 sec (auto rang)
Accuracy ±4% rdg ±1 dgt
External Dimensions Approx. 67 (W) × 177 (H) × 38 (D) mm
Approx. Weight 260 g
Power One 6F22 (S-006P) 9 V dry battery or AC adapter (Option)
Accessories 3 Meter Data Output Cable for Light Meter (#910-03)
3 Meter Extension Cable for Light Meter (#910-02)
AC Convertor (#94001)
AC Convertor (#B96466N)
RS232C Convertor (not isolated battery) (#95001)
Soft Case (510 02/03) (#RB037A)



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