The MT210/210F series of digital manometers, produced by combining YOKOGAWA's best pressure measurement technologies, offers excellent accuracy, reliable operation, and a variety of applications. These measuring tools provide the perfect solutions for a wide range of technologies.

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Offering Precision Digital and Fast Response Digital Manometer options with:
  • High accuracy:
    ±0.01%, with a maximum allowable input of 500 kPa (130 kPa-range model)
  • A wide range of pressures:
    Offering low differential pressure of 1 kPa to a high gauge pressure of 3000 kPa
  • Three measurement modes:
    Normal speed, medium speed, and high speed (MT210F series)
  • Options:
    D/A conversion output, comparator output, and external trigger input (optional)
    GP-IB and RS-232 interfaces, l12-V DC power supply, lBattery operation (optional)

High performance and reliable operation

  • High performance, high resolution
    The MT210/210F series features high performance, and a high, basic accuracy of ±0.01% thanks to the YOKOGAWA-original silicon resonant sensor.
  • High allowable input pressure
    The maximum allowable input pressure is as high as 500 kPa (such as in the 130 kPa-range model). Now you don't have to worry about sensor breakdown due to overrange pressure input.
  • Traceable to Japanese national standards
  • Minimal effect of temperature changes
    The silicon resonant sensor is highly immune to environmental discrepancies such as temperature changes.
  • A variety of measurement objectives
    1. Supports high-speed measurement
      The MT210F series has been added to our range or pressure measuring instruments in order to support high-speed measurements. These measurements, such as the observation of transient-response characteristics, include relatively fast pressure changes.
    2. A wide range of models
      You can choose a model to fit your application from models with different pressure types/gauges and absolute and differential pressures. Also choose among models with pressure ranges from the low differential pressure of 1 kPa to the gauge pressure of 3000 kPa.
    3. Applicable to both gases and liquids
      Never be bothered by the labor of switching between models. The MT210/210F series can measure both gases and liquids. With the new differential-pressure models you can measure liquids that you couldn't measure before with the MT110-series differential-pressure models.
  • Ease of systemization
    1. D/A conversion output The D/A-converted signal of a measured value is output through an external terminal. This feature permits you to easily send data to your measurement system or recorder
      Observation examples of D/A conversation output
      • Differences due to the measurement mode, where the normal-speed waveform is when the Moving-average option is turned off
        Differences due to the measurement mode
      • Close-up of output waveform (with the dynamic mode enabled)
        Close-up of output waveform
    2. Comparator output and external trigger input
      Use these I/O functions to set the upper and lower limits, judge the measured value, and output the result through an external terminal. What's more, you can apply a start-of-measurement trigger using a falling edge of an external trigger signal. These features will help automate your production/inspection lines of pressure-related products.
    3. GP-IB and RS-232 interfaces
      This feature lets you read measured values into your PC or set measurement conditions from the PC. Communication is still possible even when the MT210/210F series are operated on batteries or the DC power source.
  • Support of field use
    1. 12-V DC power supply
      The MT210/210F operate on a 12-V DC power supply. This feature is useful for in-vehicle tests.
    2. Operation on Ni-Cd battery pack
      Operation on Ni-Cd battery pack The MT210/210F series, which come standard with a built-in battery charger, can continuously operate on an optional Ni-Cd battery pack for approximately 10 hours.

Assured compatibility with earlier models

  • Inheritance of performance from MT110 Series
    The MT210/210F series feature additional functions such as support of high-speed measurement, while inheriting the basic performance from their predecessor, the MT110.
  • Common communication commands
    The MT210/210F series share the GP-IB and RS-232 communication protocols with their predecessor, the MT110. No modifications to the communication protocols are necessary when expanding a system that uses the earlier series or when replacing the series.
Front Panel (differential-pressure model, JPG, 30 KB)

Rear Panel (differential-pressure model, JPG, 27 KB)

Phototelectric Element Silicon Photodiode
Measuring Range 0.0 to 99.9/999/9990/99900/999000 lx
Response Time 2 sec (manual range)
5 sec (auto rang)
Accuracy ±4% rdg ±1 dgt
External Dimensions Approx. 67 (W) × 177 (H) × 38 (D) mm
Approx. Weight 260 g
Power One 6F22 (S-006P) 9 V dry battery or AC adapter (Option)
Accessories 3 Meter Data Output Cable for Light Meter (#910-03)
3 Meter Extension Cable for Light Meter (#910-02)
AC Convertor (#94001)
AC Convertor (#B96466N)
RS232C Convertor (not isolated battery) (#95001)
Soft Case (510 02/03) (#RB037A)
Name Description File Type  
Bulletin 7673-00E Series of Digital Manometers MT210/MT210F External Link Download

Hirai Co., Ltd. System Division Laboratory

"The MT210 really stood out for us because it excels at pressure measurement which is the key to effective gas flow measurement."

The Hirai Co., Ltd. System Division Laboratory Chooses the MT Series

Tm Mt210mt210f C01
Hirai Co., Ltd. System Division Laboratory
From upper right:
Executive Technical Advisor: Mr. Masao Hayakawa
Chief Engineer: Mr. Toru Hirayama
From lower left:
Laboratory Manager: Mr. Takeshi Yakuwa
Mr. Hiroshi Asano and Mr. Nobuomi Kizami
 As an JCSS(Japan Calibration Service System) Accredited Laboratory, our technology lab performs calibration of small gas flow rates based on Measurement Law, as well as R&D and sales of such things as gas small flow rate standards and calibration equipment.
Eight years ago we began research in conjunction with The National Metrology Institute of Japan(NMIJ) in the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, as a national standard laboratory in Japan, with the goal of establishing standards for extremely small flow rates of gases (about 40cc to 150L/min.). We were searching for a good standard that reflected the "uncertainty" (an estimate of the range of existing true values). The measurement of gas flow rate involves determining the values of many variables such as absolute pressure and temperature, and certain other characteristics of the gas. This is extremely difficult, so pressure measurement is especially important. Pressure measurement is the key to gas flow rate measurement, so a good manometer is required, and while we were investigating makers domestically and abroad we discovered YOKOGAWA's MT series of digital manometers.

Tm Mt210mt210f C02The MT series can confirm whether the noise and irregular values from several years worth of stored data are sufficiently stable, so for precise measurement of absolute pressure, it has many uses not only at this laboratory but also at the NMIJ.
Also, the YOKOGAWA pressure sensor is of course used for the secondary standards for establishing a national flow rate standard, and for our use as an authorized representative, but furthermore is used for practical customer-specific standards developed by our company.

Using our lab's internal pressure standard, a Air Piston Gauge, we calibrate the pressure sensors included in YOKOGAWA's MT series one by one, one time every 6 months. We started with an "uncertainty" in the 350 kPa (kilopascals) pressure range, but finally we could achieve the very excellent result of under 10 Pa, so now we measure with confidence. The fact that we can maintain an uncertainty coming from the repeatability in our company's specified second order standard of 0.04% or less is due to the YOKOGAWA MT series and the pressure sensor.

Tm Mt210mt210f C05
Hirai's Product
Calibration System
The MFC calibration system is an instruments used for flow rate calibration and investigations of the characteristics of flow rate meters simply and with high precision. Since we're using sonic Venturi nozzles mass/flow rate control systems for flow rate standards, we can calibrate a gas flow rate at an uncertainty from the national standard and traceability

Tm Mt210mt210f C04
Award Winners
Hirai was awarded the Daily Industrial/Asahi Small Business Promotion Foundation's 13th annual "Small Business Excellence in New Technology and Products" award in April, 2000.


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All Products Guide
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