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Leakage Current Tester 322610 (Analog)

Handy Universal tester for checking electrical appliance
Leakage Current Tester (AC/DC)


Ranges DC current - 0.1, 1. 10mA, AC current - 0.1, 1, 10mA, (DC + AC) current - 0.1, 1, 10mA, AC Voltage - 150, 300V (50 and 60 Hz)
Accuracy ±2.5% of full scale value on current and voltage range
Input Impedance Current range: 1kΩ 1.5kΩ , and 2kΩ Voltage range; More than 100kΩ
Frequency Range 20 Hz to 5 kHz
Power Source Two 9V dry cells (JIS C8501 Type 006P or NEDA 6F22), Continuous Operating Time; Approx. 290 hours
Overload Protection Up to 30mA AC for one minute will not damage instrument oh current ranges
Temperature Influence ±0.2% of rated value/°C against temperature variation of 20± 10°C
Insulation Resistance More than 20 MΩ at 500 V DC between terminals and case
Dielectric Strength 1500V AC 50Hz for one minute between electrical circuit and case
Dimensions Approx. 190 x 124 x 90 mm (7.48 x 4.88 x 3.54") not including handle
Weight Approx. 1.0 kg (2.2 lbs)
Accessories1 Carrying Case (322400) 1 pc
Carrying Case (B9646BU) 1 pc
Instruction Manual 1 copy
Test Lead (289803) 1 pc.
Test Lead (B9646CM) 1 pc.
Optional Accessories 322710 Text Box

1 Accessories Supplied at No Extra Cost


  • Three input resistance ranges - 1,1.5 and 2 kΩ
  • Four functions - AC current, DC current. DC + AC current and AC voltage measurements
  • ± 2.5% full scale accuracy
  • 100µA full scale value
  • Shockproof indicator using taut band movement
  • Built-in overload protection circuit
  • Handy and easy to carry
  • Shielded case, resistant to high-frequency fields

Examples of Application Areas

  • Electrothermal appliances
    Room heating (electric stove), cooking (toaster), hair-dressing (electric curling iron, hair dryer and curlers).
  • Motor operated appliances
    electric fan, floor polisher, washing machine, electrical pump, refrigerator, electric drill, vending machine, lawn mower and electrical toys.
  • Light source appliances
    Duplicator, projector, photographic enlarger, and electrical disinfector.
  • Electronic appliances
    TV receiver, microwave ranges, and high-frequency welding machine.
  • Other appliances
    Burglar alarm, medical and dental equipment, noise suppressor, and portable generator.
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