Serial Bus Analysis for DLM2000

Embedded systems are being built into information and industrial devices used in
various sectors, with focus on digital household appliances, such as game consoles, car
navigation systems, mobile phones, copiers, and automatic teller machines. (Diagram
1) The automobile industry, under the key words of safety and environment, is also
increasing man-hours in automotive development as engine control has become a more
complex electronically-operated firmware in the engine control unit. (Diagram 2) The
communication bus used inside the embedded devices are starting to use not only
parallel bus but serial bus as well to reduce costs in the number of wiring, lower power
supply, and standard parts.
Developers must expand software, create black boxes, and are given shorter
development periods at the development bench for embedded devices. Under these
circumstances, it is vital to have a measurement instrument with dedicated analysis
functions catered to user application as developers are required to verify and
troubleshoot product performances.
As it is possible to embed serial bus analysis functions, Yokogawa’s digital
oscilloscopes can trigger, analyze, and search data under the communication data
conditions between the devices in the embedded equipment. Development efficiency
can be improved by restricting the analysis conditions such as conducting signal
observations and debugging by setting serial bus ID/Data/Error conditions.
Here we will introduce an overview of various serial buses and the serial bus analysis
functions of the DLM2000 Series.

DLM2000 App 1

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