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New AQ6380 Optical Spectrum Analyzer

Yokogawa has launched a new Optical Spectrum Analyzer (OSA) designed to offer the extreme high precision demanded by researchers developing the next generation of optical communication components.

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Yokogawa launches new ISO17025 accredited AC energy calibration service

With the new service, Yokogawa’s European Standards Laboratory, based at the company’s European Headquarters in Amersfoort, Netherlands, now offers comprehensive energy and power calibration, customized to meet the needs of specific applications.

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Yokogawa launches DL950 ScopeCorder

Versatility to Discover More

The new high-speed data acquisition system analyses a wide variety of electrical, physical sensor signals and serial buses. It offers a unique combination of high sampling rates, for a detailed view and long recording time to monitor trends over time.

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Yokogawa launches IS8000 Integrated Software Platform

Power of One

A revolutionary new software that tightly integrates the timing, control, and data collection from multiple instruments, creating a comprehensive measurement platform that delivers confidence, efficiency, and unity.

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High-speed power measurement proves efficiency of new motor drive software

To demonstrate energy savings of their software algorithm, AC Kinetics required accurate, repeatable measurements of multiple power parameters.

The measurement results from the DL850E ScopeCorder used showed that its motor drive algorithm improved the efficiency of the Georgia-Pacific rewinding machine, while improving dynamic performance.

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Recent News

Yokogawa Test & Measurement adds new features to next generation DL950 ScopeCorder

The latest Yokogawa ScopeCorder now offers flash acquisition as well as new real time computing functions, further improving on its already leading versatility.

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Yokogawa launches extreme precision Optical Spectrum Analyzer

- AQ6380 features improved precision and productivity for developing next generation optical network backhaul components -

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Yokogawa launches new ISO17025 accredited AC energy calibration service

By launching a new AC energy calibration service, Yokogawa extended its leadership in calibration and opens new calibration options for manufacturers concerned with energy efficiency and measurement. Allowing the calibration of AC energy measuring devices at up to 40 MWh at a maximum time of 1000 hours. 

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New current sensor element and firmware upgrade for award-winning Yokogawa WT5000 Precision Power Analyzer

- The WT5000 Precision Power Analyzer has been further enhanced with a new current sensor element with an internal power supply for sensors, and new firmware supporting faster update rates –

Press Release | Solutions & Products
Yokogawa Test & Measurement Releases the IS8000 Integrated Measurement Software Platform

Yokogawa Test & Measurement’s IS8000 Integrated measurement software offers multiple measurements on one software platform, accelerating development  

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