Digital Resistance Meter 7556 (DISCONTINUED)

Notice: This product was discontinued on Sep 30, 2018.

The communications industry is continually evolving, producing and demanding smaller products with advanced technologies. Yokogawa delivers quality products, such as the Digital Resistance Meter, which meet the needs for supporting smaller and more precise products. Through innovation and production, Yokogawa provides business tools to meet the challenges of a dynamic market and such production standards as ISO9000 criteria.

With features and benefits that offer you superior performance and cost-efficiencies, Yokogawa's instruments are easy to use and reliable.


Superior Performance

  • High Speed
    • Direct measurement as fast as 2.8 ms (or 4.8 ms when including a contact check prior to measurement)
  • High Accuracy
    • model 755611: (+/-0.006% of reading + 3 digits)
    • model 755601: (+/-0.015% of reading + 1 digit)
  • High Resolution
    • (5.5 digits in model 755611)


Easy to Use

  • Wide operating rangeability (1 Ohm range to 100 M Ohm range)
  • Full remote controlability via the standard RS232C serial, or optional GP-IB interfaces
  • Software based calibration
  • Printer output of measurement, and statistical analysis results


High Reliability

  • Advanced contact check function
    • Check level and contact check time settings.
    • Check time sufficient to ensure reliability.
    • Monitoring of measured current even when measurement is in progress.
  • Superior noise resistance based on floating input

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