How do I Programmatically Read Average Active Power Right Before the End of the Integration Interval While in Continuous Integration for the WT230?

You can read the average active power during continuous integration mode (just before the integral resets) for the WT230, by monitoring the status of the ITG or ITM bits of the extended event register.
Bit 1 ITG is used to determine if the integrate function is busy. Bit 2 ITM is used to determine if the integrate timer is busy. Send the ":STATUS:FILTER3 FALL" and the ":STATUS:EESR?" commands to the WT230 and read back the values of Bit 1 and Bit 0. Sending the :STATUS:FILTER3 FALL command will cause the bit of the extended event register to become "1" when the bit of the condition register changes from "1" to "0".
Once the integration timer nears the end of the preset integration time, the value of :STATUS:EESR? command will change and return "4". The value 4 means that the ITM bit has transitioned to the FALL state, and the WH and average active power measurements will be held. The measurements are held until the next period of the update rate, in which the measurements will be reset.

Please do not use the ":STATUS:CONDITION?" command. The return value for this command changes too fast and you will not be able to see the change of the ITM bit. You must use the ":STATUS:FILTER3 FALL" command to latch the change of the ITM bit.

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