WT1800 HS Option Can Only Measure DC Signals When the Wiring Pattern is 1P2W

In the manual IM-WT1801-01EN, the following sentences are written.
Fundamental Measurement Conditions
All the settings for the fundamental measurement conditions for high speed data capturing are the same as those for normal measurement.
However, the following limitations apply to the wiring system and line filter.
Wiring System during High Speed Data Capturing
-When the wiring system is set to one of the following settings, you can measure the voltage (U), current (I),and power (P).
• 1P2W: Single-phase, two-wire system
• 3P4W: Three-phase, four-wire system
• 3P3W (3V3A): Three-voltage, three-current method
A Notice of Alterations was issued to clarify the conditions for 1P2W Single-phase, two-wire systems.
• 1P2W: Single-phase, two-wire system (DC signal)
When the wring is 1P2W, only DC signal can be measured.
AC signal can not be measured when the wiring is 1P2W.

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