2015 Press Releases


Handheld process calibrators offer high accuracy and stability

- Three models with specialised functions for loop diagnosis and thermocouple or RTD simulation - Yokogawa has introduced the CA300 Series of handheld process calibrators: a family of three models featuring high accuracy and stability, with each model ...

Best wishes for the Christmas period and the New Year

Since my last message in January, the European economy doesn't seem to have improved. The value of the Euro is lower; there is low or zero inflation, ever lower oil prices and new problems in the automotive industry.However, at Yokogawa Test & Measurement ...



General-purpose power-quality monitor for on-site testing and troubleshooting

The Yokogawa CW500 power quality monitor, a general-purpose unit for field and on-site testing and troubleshooting, is the latest addition to the company's range of power measuring instruments. Featuring a range of clamp-on current probes, built-in ...

High-sensitivity current probes for Yokogawa oscilloscopes

Two new high-sensitivity current probes are now available for Yokogawa's families of mixed-signal oscilloscopes and ScopeCorders. The 701917, covering a frequency range from DC to 50 MHz, and the 701918, covering DC to 120 MHz, offer sensitivities ten ...



Precision DC calibrator offers ease of testing at high currents and voltages

The new Yokogawa 2560A precision DC calibrator offers a simple, stand-alone solution for testing and calibrating DC measuring instruments such as analogue meters, clamp meters, thermometers, temperature transmitters and data loggers. The 2560A generates ...

Three new modules enhance performance and flexibility of Yokogawa’s DL850E/DL850EV ScopeCorder family of portable multi-channel data-acquisition recorders

Three new products have been added to the range of plug-in measurement modules for Yokogawa's DL850E/DL850EV ScopeCorder family of family of portable multi-channel data-acquisition recorders, bringing the total number of modules available to 19. The ...

Yokogawa’s European Calibration Laboratory receives ISO17025 Accreditation

- World's first non-governmental laboratory to offer accredited power calibration at up to 100 kHz - Yokogawa's European Calibration Laboratory has become the world's first non-governmental facility to receive full ISO17025 Accreditation for power measurements ...



Optical spectrum analyser for short-wavelength infrared region

- Yokogawa's AQ6375B combines world-class optical performance with ease of operation and maintenance - The new Yokogawa AQ6375B is an optical spectrum analyser operating in the short-wavelength infrared (SWIR) region covering wavelengths from 1200 to ...

New 6A crest factor setting in a WT300E power meter improves auto ranging capability and increases accuracy

For a Yokogawa power meter or analyser, selecting a crest factor of "6" means that the maximum peak voltage on a 150V rms range, for example, is 900 V. The accuracy of a WT300E power meter is specified from 1% to 130% of the range. Therefore with 1.5 ...

Yokogawa Meters & Instruments Releases AQ6375B Optical Spectrum Analyzer

Yokogawa Meters & Instruments Corporation announces the release on this date of the AQ6375B optical spectrum analyzer. Based on the company's highly successful AQ6375, an optical spectrum analyzer that utilizes the dispersive spectroscopy technique*1, ...

Yokogawa launches enhanced version of the world’s best-selling power meter

- WT300E Series features higher accuracy, new measurement functionality and improved connectivity - Yokogawa has introduced an enhanced version of its WT300 Series of its best-selling compact 5th generation digital power meters featuring higher accuracy, ...

Special FG400 Arbitrary/Function Generator offer for 100 days

To celebrate Yokogawa's 100 years anniversary, this special 100 days Arbitrary/Function Generator offer is brought to you: Buy a 2 channel FG420 for the price of a 1 channel FG410. Click here to visit FG400 webpage for more information on this product. ...

Special DLM2000 offer for 100 days

To celebrate Yokogawa's 100 years anniversary, this special 100 days offer is brought to you:Buy a 4 channel MSO for the price of a 2 channel DSO. Click here to visit DLM2000 webpage for more information on this product. Terms and conditions: - ...



Yokogawa’s Precision Power Scope helps KUKA Systems minimise the energy consumption of industrial robots

The Yokogawa PX8000 Precision Power Scope is playing a key part in tests being carried out by KUKA Systems as part of a programme designed to minimise the energy consumption of the latest generation of industrial robots. As a subsidiary of robotics ...

Yokogawa Meters & Instruments Announces WT300E Compact Power Meter

Yokogawa Meters & Instruments announces its latest Compact Power Meters, the WT300E series. They are enhanced versions of Yokogawa's 5th generation of compact power meters which have been the world's best-selling power meter. They have been the ...



Testing access barriers: Yokogawa’s Precision Power Scope is the key

Yokogawa's PX8000 Precision Power Scope is playing a key part in production tests being carried out by Magnetic Autocontrol Group of Schopfheim, Germany: a major global supplier of vehicle and pedestrian access barriers for installations as diverse as ...

Yokogawa introduces the WT3000E to produce the world’s most accurate and stable power analyser

Yokogawa has enhanced its industry-leading WT3000 precision power analyser to produce the WT3000E: the most accurate and stable power analyser in the world. "The focus on renewable energy and the need to optimise efficiency and comply with international ...



Yokogawa Meters & Instruments Releases WT3000E Precision Power Analyzer

Yokogawa Meters & Instruments announces its latest Precision Power Analyzer, the Model WT3000E, offering the world’s highest power measurement accuracy of 0.01% of reading + 0.03% of range.  This new addition to Yokogawa’s highly ...

Accurate power measurements - Things you need to know

With 100 years of expertise and leadership in the precision measurement of power, Yokogawa provides a wide range of products for power analysis. To support the development of alternative energy sources and to validate improvements in efficiency and ...

Yokogawa expands optical test system with attenuation and switch modules compatible with GI50 multimode fibres

Yokogawa has expanded its AQ2200 Series Multi-Application Test System (MATS) with a range of optical attenuation and switch modules for applications involving GI50 multimode optical fibre. Multi-mode optical fibre has a much larger core diameter than ...



New ScopeCorder firmware adds direct MATLAB file saving plus enhanced measurement and recording capabilities

Yokogawa has released firmware Version 3.20 for the DL850 ScopeCorder series of instruments, which combine the features of a high-speed oscilloscope and those of a traditional data acquisition recorder in a single, portable instrument.A key feature of ...



Yokogawa mixed-signal oscilloscopes with new in-vehicle serial bus options

Yokogawa has added new trigger and analysis options to its DLM2000 (4-channel) and DLM4000 (8-channel) mixed-signal oscilloscopes (MSOs) for testing the latest generation of in-vehicle serial buses. The new options are specifically designed to address ...



New /M3 option adds 250MPoints memory to DLM2000 and DLM4000 MSOs

Yokogawa's DLM2000 and DLM4000 mixed-signal oscilloscopes have been enhanced with longer memory options. Fundamentally, larger memories offer two advantages. The first obvious point is that more memory allows a longer acquisition time. The second is ...

Optical spectrum analyser offers higher performance and new functions

Yokogawa has introduced a new version of its successful AQ6373 optical spectrum analyser incorporating a new monochromator with a sharp passband filter edge plus a number of new features including a double-speed measuring mode, a multipeak/bottom search ...

Optinen spektrianalysaattori tarjoaa parempaa suorituskykyä ja uusia ominaisuuksia

Yokogawa on esitellyt uuden teräväreunaisella kaistanpäästösuodattimella varustellun monokromaattorin sisältävän version menestyksekkäästä AQ6373-spektrianalysaattoristaan. Muita uusia ominaisuuksia ...



Yokogawa’s 8-channel oscilloscope plays key part in pre-compliance testing of high power drives for PCS

The Yokogawa DLM4000 8-channel mixed-signal oscilloscope is playing a key part in pre-compliance tests on high-power inverter drives produced by PCS (Power Convertor Solutions GmbH) in Berlin, Germany. The company, part of the Knorr-Bremse Group, develops ...


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