2015 Press Releases


Yokogawa Meters & Instruments Releases Single Function Calibrator CA300 Series

Yokogawa Meters & Instruments Corporation announces that it will release 3 models of the CA300 series single function calibrators from November 6. Their accuracy is the best in the class of handy type calibrators, which are for calibration and inspection ...

Nov 3, 2015


Yokogawa Meters & Instruments Releases 2560A Precision DC Calibrator

Yokogawa Meters & Instruments Corporation announces that it has developed the 2560A precision DC calibrator and will release this product today. The 2560A is a high precision instrument capable of outputting a wide range of DC Voltage and Current ...

Oct 22, 2015
Yokogawa Meters & Instruments to Release Three New Modules for DL850E/DL850EV ScopeCorders

Yokogawa Meters & Instruments Corporation announces that it will release three new plug-in input modules for the DL850E/DL850EV ScopeCorders on October 15. These are a 4-channel isolated module (sampling rate: 1 MS/s*1, resolution: 16 bits), a high-speed ...

Oct 13, 2015
Release of the CW500 Power Quality Analyzer

Yokogawa Meters & Instruments Corporation announces the October 6 release of the CW500 Power Quality Analyzer

Oct 5, 2015


Yokogawa Meters & Instruments Releases AQ6375B Optical Spectrum Analyzer

Yokogawa Meters & Instruments Corporation announces the release on this date of the AQ6375B optical spectrum analyzer. Based on the company's highly successful AQ6375, an optical spectrum analyzer that utilizes the dispersive spectroscopy technique*1, ...

Sep 24, 2015


Yokogawa expands optical test system with attenuation and switch modules compatible with GA50 Multimode Fibers

Yokogawa has expanded its AQ2200 Series Multi-Application Test System (MATS) with a range of optical attenuation and switch modules for applications involving GI50 multimode optical fiber. Multimode optical fiber has a much larger core diameter ...

Jul 2, 2015


Yokogawa Meters & Instruments Releases WT3000E Precision Power Analyzer

Yokogawa Meters & Instruments announces its latest Precision Power Analyzer, the Model WT3000E, offering the world’s highest power measurement accuracy of 0.01% of reading + 0.03% of range.  This new addition to Yokogawa’s highly ...

Jun 28, 2015


Yokogawa announces new firmware version 3.21 for ScopeCorder Series

Yokogawa has released firmware Version 3.21 for the DL850E ScopeCorder series of instruments, which combine the features of a high-speed oscilloscope and traditional data acquisition recorder in a single, portable instrument. A key feature of the ...

May 15, 2015
Yokogawa mixed-signal oscilloscopes with new in-vehicle serial bus options
May 11, 2015
April 2015 Tech Talk Newsletter
May 5, 2015


Visible Light OSA Offers Higher Performance and New Functions

Yokogawa has introduced a new version of its successful AQ6373 optical spectrum analyzer, incorporating a new monochromator with a steeper passband filter slope, plus a number of new features including a double-speed measuring mode, a multipeak/bottom ...

Feb 27, 2015

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