How to Select Current Probe Attentuation on DLM2000 Via Communication?

When using voltage probes, please set the channel probe mode using the command :CHANnel<x>:PROBe 10.00 or 0.01.
When using  current probe, please set the channel probe mode using the command :CHANnel<x>:PROBe C10 or C0_01.
Funciton. It sets or queries a probe's attenuation rate of each channel.
Construction. :CHANnel<x>:PROBe[:MODE] {<NRf>|C0_001|C0_002|C0_005|C0_01|C0_02|C0_05|C0_1|C0_2|C0_5|C1|C2|C5|C10|C20|C50|C100|C200|C500|C1000|C2000}
 <x> =from 1 to 4 (1 or 2 for DLM2022, DLM2032, and DLM2052)

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