Working towards a low carbon future

The recent increase in the price of oil brings mixed blessings. When oil prices are cheap, energy from renewable sources seems expensive in comparison, and investment in sustainable energy is hard to justify (when environmental considerations are not taken into account). If the price of oil increases, oil companies regain the ability to invest, and hopefully this is a balance between further exploration and extraction of oil, and the quicker development of cleaner and sustainable replacements.

However the obvious negatives of higher oil and gas prices are higher transportation and heating prices which affects us all, in some way, in the short term.

Apart from those few, but unfortunately, powerful individuals who refuse to acknowledge, or care about, the long term effect on our planet of our human activities, we are aware of the need to dramatically reduce our waste and CO2 emissions so that future generations can also enjoy the riches that our planet provides.

Yokogawa is committed to the development of a low carbon society and articulated this in August 2017 with its intent to work to achieve, by 2050, net-zero emissions, ensure general well-being and make the transition to a circular economy, where waste has been designed out (by its reduction and/or reuse).

Yokogawa Test & Measurement will provide tools for this journey and to help you become sustainable and develop sustainable products; to conserve energy and increase efficiency. Our highlights in 2017 were the launches of the AQ6374 Optical Spectrum Analyser, the WT3000E transformer version, the world's most accurate power analyser dedicated to transformer testing, the DL350 portable ScopeCorder and the LS3300 power meter calibrator.

In 2018 we also look forward to releasing significant products designed to help you in your efforts to make life better.

Best wishes for 2018 and beyond


Clive Davis