Time limited offer Vehicle serial bus analysis bundle

Time limited offer
Vehicle serial bus analysis bundle

From automotive braking systems to car navigation, serial buses are used to establish communication between ECUs, sensors and actuators. The DLM3000 simultaneously analyzes up to four different buses operating at different speeds.

Fast and easy
The unique auto setup function inspects the bus signal and
automatically sets the appropriate trigger, bit rate and decoding

The offer
Buy the new DLM3000 Mixed Signal Oscilloscope and get 50% off on any Vehicle Serial Bus Analysis option.

The DLM3000 supports FlexRay, CAN, CAN FD, LIN, SENT, UART, I2C, SPI and CXPI.

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 *Terms and conditions apply. The 50% discount is valid for one vehicle serial bus analysis option of your choice.
This time limited offer is valid till 29 March 2019 in  Europe. Not valid in combination with other Yokogawa offers. 

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