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 DLM2000 Are you achieving the levels of accuracy you need?

This article outlines the top reasons for inaccuracies in power measurements and how to tackle them.

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- Validity of instrument specifications
- External sensors and temperature effects
- Calibrating a measurement set up

 FG400 Accuracy specifications: Reading it right with the range

The accuracy of a test instrument varies with the range over which a measurement is taken. But what if different manufacturers specify this range differently in their instruments?

Here is an article for you that explores the impact of range definitions on measurement accuracy and how one should take care when comparing accuracy across instruments.


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 Education Choosing the power measurement solution that is right for you

Selecting the right power measurement instrument can significantly enhance productivity, reduce production costs, achieve quality and reduce time to market. This article helps you identify the technologies available and navigate some of the factors that influence the choice of power measurement technology.

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Types of power measurement technologies
- Measurement needs based on industry, application (e.g. Electrical and mechanical efficiency of inverters and, motors, in automotive and for, renewable energy and power consumption of home and office equipment in standby and operation modes)
- Measurement needs based on stage of development cycle
- Choosing the right instrument for your needs