The AQ2200-211 is a high-speed longwave sensor for theAQ2200 series. When it is installed in AQ2200 series frame controllers, it allows optical power to be measured with high speed and high accuracy.


Take accurate measures and consistent power evaluations with the AQ2200-211. 

  •    High-speed data sampling
  •    Flexible analog output settings
  •     Low polarization dependence measurement
  •     Data logging function
  •     Stability measurement function
  •     MIN/MAX/DEF measurement function
  •     Analog output function
 DetectorWavelength rangePower range
AQ2200-211 InGaAs 700-1700 nm -110 - +10 dBm

High-resolution display of measurement results

J021 Tm Aq2200 211 02

Evaluate power fluctuation in multi-channel optical signals

Data can be acquired at intervals as short as 100 µs with all installed sensors synchronized. In addition, the large-capacity memory holds up to 20,000 data points per channel. These features make it possible to evaluate power fluctuation in numerous optical signals (up to nine sensors). Obtained data can be saved to USB storage.

Accurately measure polarization dependence loss (PDL)

The polarization dependence of the sensor modules is maintained at 0.005 dBp-p or less, enabling accurate measurements of polarization dependence loss.

J021 Tm Aq2200 211 03
J021 Tm Aq2200 211 04
AQ2200-211 sensor module
Item Product specifications
Detector type InGaAs
Wavelength range 700–1700 nm
Power range CW light –110 to +10 dBm
Chop light 110 to +7 dBm
Applicable fiber type ≤62.5/125 µm (GI), NA ≤0.275
Uncertainty under reference conditions ±2%
Total uncertainty ±3.5% ±0.5 pW
Polarization dependence 0.005 dBp-p or less
Linearity ±0.015 dB ±0.2 pW
Noise level 0.2 pW or less
Averaging time (minimum) 100 µs
Optical connector AQ9447 connector adapter

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Bulletin AQ2200-20E Ideal Measurement Solution for Optical Devices and Optical Transmission Systems pdf icon
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AQ2200 Applications This system does not require manual reconfiguration of optical paths and adjustments of EDFA input power, and that improves measurement throughput and avoids a human error. Learn More
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TMCTL TMCTL is a DLL to support development of custom software. By using this DLL, users can write original programs to control instruments from a PC. y-Link

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All Products Guide
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