The AQ2200-131 and AQ2200-132 are single and dual channel tunable light source modules for mounting into the AQ2200 series multi application test system. The output wavelength can be conveniently set to the predefined DWDM grid channels.

LCA Reduced energy, emission of CO2, NOX and SOX about 10% compared to the previous model.
PDF Results of Life Cycle Assessment.

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Flexible Frequency/ Wavelength Selection

  • Frequency (Wavelength): C-band, L-band
  • High-Stability Optical Output and High SMSR

  • High-stability output level: ± 0.03dB
  • High-stability frequency(wavelength): ± 0.3GHz (± 2.4pm)
  • Output level: +9dBm or more
  • High SMSR: 45dB
  • Available with two laser types to suit test application

    Advanced Type

  • Tunable to arbitrary grid frequency with min. 100 MHz steps
  • Fine-tuning capability with min. 1 MHz steps (at grid setting mode)
  • Narrow-line width: 100 KHz
  • SBS suppression
  • Ideal for digital cohereny ststem
  • Examples of Measurement Application

  • Optical fiber amplifier measurement system
  • Measurement Application

    ItemProduct specifications
    Number of Channels
    AQ2200-131: 1, AQ2200-132: 2
    Device Type
    Advanced Type
    Frequency Band
    Frequency (Wavelength) range
    196.25 to 191.50 THz
    (1527.60 to 1565.50 nm)
    190.95 to 186.35 THz
    (1570.01 to 1608.76 nm)
    Grid Spacing
    100 GHz, 50 GHz,
    25 GHz and Manual (min. 0.1 GHz)
    Frequency (Wavelength) setting resolution
    0.1 GHz (0.8 pm@1550 nm)
    0.1 GHz (0.8 pm@1590 nm)
    Frequency (Wavelength) fine turning range
    ±6 GHz (typ.)(±48 pm@1550 nm)
    ±6 GHz (typ.)(±51 pm@1590 nm)
    Frequency (Wavelength) fine turning resolution
    1 MHz (typ.)(8 fm@1550 nm)
    1 MHz (typ.)(8 fm@1590 nm)
    Absolute frequency (wavelength) accuracy
    ±2.5 GHz (±20 pm@1550 nm)
    ±2.5 GHz (±21 pm@1590 nm)
    Frequency (Wavelength) stability 24hours
    ±0.3 GHz (typ.)(2.4 pm@1550 nm)
    ±0.3 GHz (typ.)(2.5 pm@1590 nm)
    Frequency (Wavelength) tuning time
    30 sec. or less
    Optical output level
    +12.5 dBm or more
    Attenuation Range
    6 dB (resolution: 0.01 dB(typ.))
    Output level stability 24 hours
    ±0.03 dB (typ.)
    Spectral linewidth
    100 kHz (typ.)
    45 dB (typ.)
    -145 dB/Hz (typ.)
    Fiber type
    PANDA PMF, Slow axis, in line with connector key
    Optical connector
    Select any of FC/PC or FC/Angled PC
    Dither function SBS suppression dither frequency
    20.8 kHz
    SBS suppression FM modulation range
    0 to 1000 MHz
    Name Description File Type  
    AQ2200 Series Multi Application Test System Bulletin for AQ2200 Series External Link Download
    Multi ApplicationTest System Data Sheet Data Sheet External Link Download
    Name Description  
    AQ2200 Applications This system does not require manual reconfiguration of optical paths and adjustments of EDFA input power, and that improves measurement throughput and avoids a human error. Learn More
    Name Description  
    TMCTL TMCTL is a DLL to support development of custom software. By using this DLL, users can write original programs to control instruments from a PC. y-Link

    All Products Guide
    All Products Guide
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