Wirepuller Controlling DL Series & WT1600 (FREE)

When the software program starts, the front panel image of the connected DL or WT (control panel) appears on the monitor of your PC. You can control the DL or WT from your PC with the mouse to simulate operations using the front panel keys of the instrument.

Wirepuller is a windows based Yokogawa software program that enables you to control DL Series Oscilloscopes1 or WT1600 Digital Power Meter2 from your PC via Ethernet, USB or GPIB interface. On executing the program, the front panel image of the instruments (DL Series Oscilloscopes¹ or WT1600 Digital Power Meter) connected appears on the monitor of your PC. The control panel resembles the front panel of the actual hardware connected. You can now use a mouse to perform the same operations that you would, as if you were physically present infront of the instrument. This facilitates controlling instruments accross a networked environment (if using Ethernet)

1Excluding DL9000 series and SB series. Please use Xwirepuller for these instruments.
2WT1600 does not support USB interface.

Supported Instruments

DL1620, DL1640, DL1640L, DL1720, DL1720E, DL1740, DL1740E, DL1740EL, DL7100, DL7200, DL7440, DL7480, DL750, DL750P, WT1600

Firmware Versions Required for Operation
  • DL750/DL750P: Ver. 1.07 or later
  • DL1600 series: Ver. 1.04 or later
  • DL1700 series: Ver. 1.31 or later
  • DL1700E series: Ver. 2.02 or later
  • DL7100/DL7200: Ver. 3.05 or later
  • DL7400 series: Ver. 1.04 or later
  • WT1600: Ver. 2.01 or later

PC System Requirements

PC capable of running Windows 2000 or Windows XP with at least a Celeron 433 MHz processor and at least 64 MB of memory (128 MB or more recommended).

Operating System
The required OS varies as follows depending on the interface used.

  Ethernet GP-IB1
 Windows2000  Yes Yes
 WindowsXP Yes
  1. When using the GP-IB interface, a GP-IB board by National Instruments or a PCMCIA card is required. However, operation of a PCMCIA-GPIB card under Windows XP is not supported.
  2. In addition, a USB driver used to connect to the DL or WT is required. For details on the USB drivers, see the user's manual for the relevant DL or WT.
  3. The WT1600 does not support USB interface

CRT, Printer, and Mouse
  • Display: SVGA/XGA (XGA or better recommended)
  • Color: 256 colors or more (65536 colors or more recommended)

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