Want to know how green is your Software? Intel® Energy Checker and Yokogawa can help you! The Intel® Energy Checker SDK provides software developers a simple way to measure the energy efficiency (greenness) of their Software by exposing the necessary and basic measurements made by Yokogawa’s highly accurate and reliable Power Analyzers.

How Green I Your Software

Figure 1.Sample output of pl_gui_monitor utility - In this screenshot, a private version of POVRay* ( was instrumented using the Intel® Energy Checker SDK to compute and expose dynamically it's energy efficiency metrics (pixels rendered per joule consumed and joules consumed per pixel rendered) while rendering a 3D scene (by Gilles Tran © 1993-2009

The Intel® Energy Checker API helps Software developers to easily instrument their software to expose metrics of "useful work" done by the software. For example, the amount of useful work done by a video serving application is number of frames processed, for a mail server application the useful amount of work done may be number of emails processed. The core Intel® Energy Checker API consists of five basic functions. These functions include Open, Re-open, Read, Write, and Close. The SDK comes with utilities to measure the energy consumed by the software on Intel server platforms using power analyzers. Power analyzers supported in this SDK include Yokogawa's WT210, WT230, WT500, WT300, WT3000, WT300E, & WT3000E. To learn more about Yokogawa Power Analyzers, please click here.

How Green I Your Software 3
Figure 2.Picture by Jamel Tayeb, Intel® Corporation, all right reserved. Power Analyzers shown in the picture were provided by Yokogawa.
To learn more about The Intel ® Energy Checker SDK, please click here. The software is also royalty-free licensed and available for download at no cost.

Power Analyzers

Power Analyzers

A power analyzer measures electrical power characteristics of devices that generate, transform, or consume electricity. Also called power meters or wattmeters, these devices measure parameters such as true power (watts), power factor, harmonics and efficiency in inverters, motor drives, lighting, home appliances, office equipment, power supplies, industrial machinery and other devices. Power analyzers also enable engineers to minimize energy loss due to distorted, transient waveforms in power electronics such as inverters, motors, lighting circuits, and power supplies. 

Yokogawa, the world's leading manufacturer of electrical power analyzers, provides a broad selection to satisfy all requirements.

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