What is the Replacement Model for the 700952 150 MHz Passive Probe?

We recommend the 700960 200 MHz Passive Probe as the replacement for the 700952 150 MHz Passive Probe.
The probe specification for the 700960 probe is the closest match to the 700952 probe, when using the DL1200. The DL1200 has a 27pF input capacitance, so the probe to use should include a compensation range of 27pF. The specification for the 700960 and the 700952 probes are listed below:
  • 700952 : 10:1 only
                 1.5m  Length
                 150MHz band width
                 (Compensation Range is not known at this time)
  • 700960:  10:1 and 1:1
                 1.5m Length
                 200MHz band width
                 14 - 30pF compensation range
The B9017YY Voltage Probe may also be used with the DL1200 if you require a probe attenuation ratio of 100:1. The B917YY Voltage Probe can also compensate to 27pF.
Please keep in mind the DL series oscilloscopes are specified for DC voltage accuracy only, NOT AC voltage accuracy. We cannot guarantee AC voltage accuracy when using substitute probes. 

Other Related Information:
It is best to use the probe included with the scope as the standard accessory. For example, although the specifications for the 701939 and the 701943 are very similar, there are characteristics of each probe that is unique to the instrument it came with. The 701939 probe is standard to the DL6000 series and should not be used with DL9000 series. The 709143 probe should be used for the DL9000 series.

In the case of the 700952, since the probe has been discontinued, the only alternative is to use a substitute probe.