AQ2211 / AQ2212 Frame Controller


This latest version of firmware of the AQ2211/AQ2212 Frame Controller.

  • Please update the frame controller firmware to the latest version before updating module firmware.
  • Depending on the module, the update process duration may take about 4 minutes.
    Please do not turn off the frame controller until "Please restart System" appears on the screen.

Revision History

Version Release Date Content
3.07 Nov 26,2018
  • Fixed a sporadic that wavelength cannot be set in dual setting mode of the AQ2200-221 sensor module.
3.06 Oct 12,2018
  • Support the AQ2200-242 Optical sensor head
3.05 Mar 20,2018
  • Support the AQ2200-202 Interface module
  • Support the AQ2200-232 Optical sensor head
  • Support the AQ2200-121/-132 Grid TLS module (suffix code: -T6)
  • Added MDIO Block Read/Write command (AQ2200-642)
  • Improvement of CAL function (AQ2200-342)

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Version Ver. 3.07
Release Date Nov 30, 2018
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