How to Log 16 Thermocouple Channels with the DL350 ScopeCorder

How to Log 16 Thermocouple Channels with the Portable DL350 ScopeCorder

In this demonstration, see the Easy Setup Mode for Memory Recorder Mode in action. Memory Recorder Mode is designed to make long term data recordings very easy by setting recording length, recording interval, and the necessary channels. Using 16 channel thermocouples connected to the 720221 Input Module, we demonstrate a 2-minute recording stepping through all relevant settings and procedures. The data is stored to the installed SD Card. 

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720221 16-CH Temperature/Voltage Input Module

  • 16 Channel Voltage/Temperature Input Module
  • To be used with 701953 Scanner Box
  • Applicable to DL350 and DL850 series
  • Voltage/Temperature Conversion

DL350 Portable ScopeCorder

A compact, battery-powered, touch screen instrument you can take into the field featuring the deep measurement and recording capabilities you need in the lab.

Data Acquisition (DAQ)

Yokogawa data acquisition systems give you the most flexibility and power to measure, display, store, and even actuate any number of physical or electrical phenomena.


  • Digital oscilloscopes
  • High-speed sampling
  • Range of bandwidths for electronic device design and development
  • Advantages of oscilloscope and multi-channel data recorder


  • Flexible, high-performance Yokogawa Test&Measurement ScopeCorder
  • Modular platform combines mixed signal oscilloscope and portable data acquisition recorder 
  • Captures high-speed transients and low-speed trends 

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